Trump Slammed for ‘Bizarre Mother’s Day Post’ with No Mention of Melania

INDEPENDENT – As the US marks Mother’s Day, Donald Trump has posted a predictably oddly phrased message celebrating mothers, in particular those of his main foes.

Perhaps in his rush to stick it to the “Radical Left Fascists” he failed to mention his wife, Melania, mother to his youngest son, Barron.

The former president wrote on Truth Social: “Happy Mother’s Day to ALL, in particular the Mothers, Wives and Lovers of the Radical Left Fascists, Marxists, and Communists who are doing everything within their power to destroy and obliterate our once great Country.”

He continued: “Please make these complete Lunatics and Maniacs Kinder, Gentler, Softer and, most importantly, Smarter, so that we can, quickly, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!”

Many other public figures, notably former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, took the opportunity to shower praise on their wives on Twitter.

In Clinton’s case, he also praised his daughter Chelsea, herself a mother.

Former President Obama wrote: “Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you take a moment to appreciate all the moms and mother-figures in your life – and be there for people who may be missing theirs.

“To Michelle Obama, thanks for being such an amazing mom to our beautiful girls. You set an incredible example for all of us.”

He accompanied the post with a picture of Ms Obama with her daughters and her own mother.

Trump’s great rival within the Republican Party, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, also paid tribute to his wife, Casey.

He wrote: “Madison, Mason and Mamie are lucky to have the best mother in the world – Casey DeSantis. Thank you for all that you do for our family, we love you very much!”

Former Vice President Mike Pence praised his wife, Karen, his own mother, Nancy, and his daughter and daughter-in-law who have just become new mothers.

Meanwhile, the Bidens, who are spending their weekend in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, served up a combination of posts. On his personal account President Joe Biden wrote a simple and succinct: “To moms everywhere, I wish you a happy Mother’s Day.”

However, on his official @POTUS Twitter account, he praised his own mother Catherine Eugenia Finnegan Biden: “She taught me about honor, about responsibility. And about courage, because without it, we wouldn’t be able to love with abandon. I miss her every day, especially today.”

Later he wrote another post to First Lady Jill Biden: “To the love of my life, and the life of my love — Happy Mother’s Day @flotus.”

For her part, Mrs Biden wrote two messages, one celebrating her own mother “who taught me how to love unconditionally”, and a second celebrating “all the moms – and teachers – who are inspiring the next generation”.

Mr. Biden included a video of a call she had with an elementary school teacher who had been inspired by her own mother to enter the profession.

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  1. Trump only cares for himself. Of course he could not remember his wife and children. He only has hate for most mothers because so many voted against him.

  2. Stop slamming Trump, for you do not know what he might have done privately for his wife and family for Mother’s Day….

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