King Charles’ had Multiple Mistresses?

In the midst of the British royal family’s tumultuous history, one name has emerged from the shadows – Lady Dale “Kanga” Tryon. While the public is familiar with Prince Charles’ high-profile relationships with Princess Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles, little has been written about his alleged affair with Lady Dale Tryon, a fashion designer who made her mark in royal social circles. Their rumored relationship offers a new perspective on the personal life of King Charles III.

Lady Dale Tryon, known affectionately as “Kanga” due to her Australian roots, was married to Anthony Tryon, 3rd Baron Tryon, in 1973. It was through her husband’s association with Prince Charles that she became more intimately acquainted with the future king. However, their paths had crossed years before, in 1966, at a school dance in Victoria, Melbourne, where Dale grew up.

After moving to the United Kingdom in 1972 to pursue her couture label, Lady Tryon became a fixture in British society. She and Charles allegedly had a romantic relationship prior to his involvement with Camilla and Diana. While the exact details of their affair remain largely unknown, their connection was described by Charles as “the only woman who ever really understood me.”

The alleged love triangle between Charles, Dale, and Camilla intensified when Dale gave birth to her second child, Charles, in 1976, and the future king became the boy’s godfather. However, Charles’ subsequent marriage to Diana in 1981 marked the end of his reported entanglement with Dale and Camilla. Despite their history, Dale developed a friendship with Princess Diana, while her relationship with Camilla remained strained.

Speculation surrounding the affair between Charles and Dale was explored in the 2008 Channel 4 documentary “Prince Charles’ Other Mistress.” The film suggested that their relationship overlapped with Charles’ involvement with Camilla, creating a complex love triangle. While the Tryon family denied any claims of an affair, the dynamics between the three individuals were reportedly intense, with Camilla and Dale being described as “serious rivals” who disliked each other.

The supposed pursuit of Charles by Dale, even while she was confined to a wheelchair due to illness, added another layer to their relationship. Charles attempted to distance himself from Dale, releasing a statement asserting that they were merely acquaintances who spoke infrequently. Nevertheless, reports suggest that Charles still held affection for Dale and admired her candid nature.

Dale’s life was marred by various health challenges, including Perthes disease and spina bifida during her childhood. In 1993, she was diagnosed with uterine cancer and battled addiction to alcohol and drugs. Her deteriorating mental and physical state led to her being sectioned under the Mental Health Act in 1997.

Tragically, Dale suffered a severe accident during her stay at a rehabilitation facility in 1996, resulting in paralysis. She spent the last 18 months of her life in a wheelchair before succumbing to septicemia in November 1997, just two months after the untimely death of Princess Diana. Dale’s struggles with illness and her personal demons were intertwined with her alleged relationship with Prince Charles, creating a complex narrative.

Lady Dale Tryon’s story remains relatively unknown to the wider public, overshadowed by the more prominent figures in the British royal family. However, her presence in Charles’ life offers a glimpse into the complexities of his personal relationships and the challenges faced by those in the royal spotlight. As King Charles III ascends the throne, it is worth reflecting on the untold stories and individuals who have shaped his journey.


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  1. There’s no end to his buffoonery. He’s not a king, he’s a miscreant masquerading as royalty. HRH QEII did everything she could to shield & protect him, but his buffoonery is now on display, the Monarchy is in ruins & a mistress/divorcee was crowned “queen.” Unbelievable!
    He should have abdicated & let Prince William take the reigns. New blood & all that. Nope.

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