Murdaugh Comes Clean About Housekeeper’s Fatal Fall VIDEO

Former South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdaugh, who is currently serving a life sentence for killing his wife and son, has admitted to fabricating the story that his housekeeper fell and died because of his dogs.

The incident happened in February 2018 at the Murdaugh family’s hunting property called Moselle.

Gloria Satterfield, the Murdaugh family’s housekeeper, was initially believed to have died from a “trip and fall” accident. At the time, Murdaugh claimed that one of his dogs caused her to fall and hit her head.

However, it has been revealed that this story was entirely made up. According to court documents filed on Monday, Murdaugh admitted that “no dogs were involved in the fall of Gloria Satterfield on February 2, 2018”.

Murdaugh further revealed that he made up the story to force his insurers to make a settlement payment. He also claimed that Satterfield was not on the property to perform work. The court documents were filed as part of a lawsuit against Murdaugh by an insurance company accusing him of committing insurance fraud in connection to Satterfield’s fall.

Aside from insurance fraud, Murdaugh has also been accused of stealing settlement money from Satterfield’s children and keeping it for himself. His admission that the dog story was made up raises further questions about the case and could potentially lead to more charges against him.

This is not the first time that Murdaugh has been accused of criminal activity. In September 2021, he was charged with insurance fraud and conspiracy to commit insurance fraud in relation to the death of his wife and son. He allegedly arranged for a former client to shoot him so that his surviving son could receive a $10 million life insurance payout.

Following the shooting, Murdaugh resigned from his law firm and checked into rehab. However, his life began to unravel when he was accused of embezzling millions of dollars from his law firm. The investigation into Murdaugh’s various crimes has been ongoing, and his admission that he made up the story about Satterfield’s fall is likely to add another layer to the already complex case.

It remains to be seen what the consequences of Murdaugh’s admission will be and if it will lead to further charges against him.

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