Simon Cowell Unrecognizable After Sickness and Plastic Surgery

If there’s one person getting equal (if not more!) press coverage to Kim Kardashian for their constantly changing – and often confusing – appearance, it’s Simon Cowell, as the 63-year-old Britain’s Got Talent judge has once again sparked a huge debate among his fans on social media!

Simon Cowell’s Appearance At ‘Together For Short Lives’ Fundraiser In London Sparks Concern From Fans

The X Factor judge’s appearance became a hot topic of discussion on social media after he attended the Together For Short Lives Ball in London on Friday, March 3rd, in support of the charity which supports young people affected by life-threatening conditions. While his appearance at the event itself did spark *some* concern, it was the “unrecognizable” pap pictures of him and 45-year-old partner Lauren Silverman arriving at and leaving the ball that caused the biggest stir online.

The music mogul is a patron of the Together For Short Lives charity and hosted the star-studded fundraiser. He was also very generous, reportedly bidding £22,000 for a piece of Nelson Mandela artwork and also, according to The Mirror, agreeing to donate a “big percentage” of profits from his latest TV show to the charity. However, it was somewhat overshadowed by the pap pics…

Fans Comment About His Appearance On Social Media

In the comments section of a March 4th post on the official Mirror Instagram account, one fan said the “Botox has to stop,” while another harshly said, “All the money in the world and his waxwork looks better.” Ouch! “Who’s had more surgery Simon or Rob Lowe?” one fan asked.

“What has he done to his face?” asked another confused fan, adding, “Whatever it was it’s not making him look younger nor better, just weird.” Another fan added: “Looks awful why do people do this to themselves?” “He looks terrible,” commented another Instagram user, followed by two crying laughing emojis.

Simon Cowell then and now
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Previous Fan Concerns About Simon Cowell’s Appearance

Cowell’s appearance has been a hot topic of conversation over the past year, with a teaser video for Britain’s Got Talent shared in December 2022 causing huge concern among fans as they said he looked “unrecognizable” in the video, with one fan saying his face looked like it was “melting.” “What has happened to Simon Cowell?” one fan wrote on Twitter at the time, adding, “He has turned into one of the thunderbird characters!” “Looks anorexic and heavily filtered,” another Twitter user wrote.

It isn’t just his face that has caused concern from fans, as his ever-shrinking waistline has been discussed a lot over the past few months, particularly during the auditions for the latest season of Britain’s Got Talent.

Cowell opened up about his 60-lb weight loss in an interview with The Sun in April 2022, saying he “re-evaluated” his diet, which included reducing his consumption of meat and cutting out sugar. He also told the pub that he “used to binge on sausage rolls, hamburgers and his favorite jam tarts made by his personal chefs,” and was therefore able to “drop four waist sizes” by removing those foods.

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