Trump “Very Aware” He “Could End Up in Jail”

During an appearance on MSNBC on Sunday morning, one of Donald Trump’s biographers claimed the former president is likely very aware that he is living under the cloud of going to jail as the multiple investigations into his conduct close in on him.

Speaking with host Ali Velshi, Tim O’Brien, author of TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald, was asked about the onslaught of legal woes the former president is facing.

“This guy, Donald Trump, has for the last few weeks has been staring down the barrel of the January 6th investigation, [special counsel] Jack Smith looking of the January 6th investigation, the parallel Department of Justice investigation. Mar-a-Lago, his company is being found guilty in New York state, the Georgia investigation,” the MSNBC host listed off. “There is a lot of stuff closing in on Donald Trump today.”

“He likes to pretend he doesn’t care about this stuff, maybe part of the pretending he is not caring is declaring he’s gonna run for president. What is going on with Donald Trump right now?” Velshi asked.

“I think Donald Trump completely recognizes he has existential threats in front of him, Ali,” O’Brien replied. “I think there is this myth that has developed around Trump that he escapes everything, that he can’t be touched and he not only has nine lives, but he has 18.”

“The reality is he has never had these intense purposeful investigations on his doorstep in multiple jurisdictions with very serious consequences attended to all of them,” he continued. “The Manhattan district attorney’s case, that may have other dimensions to it, but even if all we get out of that is this recent fraud conviction against the company and a fine that the company can easily digest, there still are these other titanic prosecutions staring at him.”

“The New York state attorney general could put the Trumps out of business permanently in the state of New York,” he added. “The Justice Department, should they indict Donald Trump on criminal charges, he could end up in jail. Do I think it will go there? I don’t know. But he is very aware of it.”


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  1. Trump is frequently a jerk and his own worst enemy when he talks or tweets extemporaneously, but his policies did not stink. People who want to destroy him are just plain psychopaths out for revenge against a monster that only existed in their imagination.

  2. There are a lot of people in the Democrat party that should be in jail long time ago, they had committed crimes, treason, they are liars, they invented numerous charges against our previous President. It seems that in our country that Justice only benefits the Democrats and nobody else.
    Our Constitution and Justice should be applied equally to all the US Citizens no matter who they are!
    This needs to change immediately, we can’t take this anymore, our Country can see what us going on, nobody is blind!

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