Charles Barkley Has Blunt Message For The Election Deniers

Earlier this week, Charles Barkley was a guest on CNN and made his feeling on election deniers very clear.

Barkley called out anyone who questions the results of an election. He wondered if those people only believe the election is legitimate if their candidate wins the race.

“All these election deniers – are they only saying an elections legit if they win?” Barkley asked. “That’s the thing that’s frustrating to me.”

“Are Republicans going to say unless we win that the election was stolen? Is that the motto we’re going to have for the rest of history? If they don’t win an election that it was stolen? And that was the thing that bothered me the most about watching Kari.”

It’s a legitimate question Barkley considering election denial has seemingly been on the rise in recent years.

“I am disgusted with our politics,” Barkley added. “These people are elected to try and make things better. The notion that you’ve got to have every Republican vote, every Democratic vote is a flat-out joke! I can walk up to somebody who’s a Democrat or Independent or whatever, we don’t disagree on every subject and these politicians have ruined our country.”

What do you think of Barkley’s comment?

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  1. Absolute BS. Michigan had drops in the middle of the night. Arizona had many
    flaws in their handling of yje election. Hobbs should have refused herself.
    I want my candidates to win
    but I also would accept any
    election if I knew it was fair.
    Do away with mail in voting
    require voter ID.
    Run the election like we are
    proud Americans..not a third
    world country.
    You are not ignorant enough
    to say that voter fraud does
    not exist. It is sickening.
    Anyone who commits voter
    fraud is not an American.
    Anyone who commits voter
    fraud should serve five years
    in federal prison and lose
    their right to ever vote.

  2. Democrats have been the ultimate election deniers. This last election in Arizona was so thoroughly mishandled one has to wonder if any of the results are credible. Hobbs as the Secretary of State tasked with running the election should have recused herself. She didn’t and showed how incompetent she is. Now she’s the governor so good luck Arizona and America. Hobb’s is just another corrupt and incompetent politician paying her part in this national disaster.

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