Anne Hathaway Says “Abortion Can Be Another Word for Mercy” (VIDEO)

During the latest episode of ABC’s “The View,” celebrity guest Anne Hathaway claimed that “abortion can be another word for mercy.”

“My own personal experience with abortion and I don’t think we talk about this enough, abortion can be another word for mercy,” she said.

Elaborating she said, “We don’t know. We don’t know.” Hathaway added, “We know that no two pregnancies are alike, and it follows that no two lives are alike, it follows that no two conceptions are alike. So how can we have a law, how can we have a point of view on this that says we must treat everything the same?”

Co-host Joy Behar prompted Hathaway’s remarks during the latter part of the show, asking her about her abortion-themed post marking the 16th anniversary of her film, “The Devil Wears Prada.”

Behar read the post Hathaway shared to Instagram earlier this year, shortly after the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court, saying she would be part of the “fight” for abortion rights.

“We’re in the fight every day. We’re in the fight every minute. And you mentioned ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ turning sweet 16.  Some 16-year-old’s life has been irrevocably changed because of the overturning of Roe v. Wade,” she said.

The actress tied her role in the film to the loss of abortion rights, saying, “I played a young woman who was starting out her career. And when you are a young woman starting out your career, your reproductive destiny matters a great deal.”

She continued, “And I just – it had just happened and I just – I think about it all the time. I think we all think about it all the time, and what the implications are and what it means to live in a country that puts us in this position.”

Hathaway mentioned that if she played the role today, she “couldn’t take that for granted. I couldn’t take that freedom for granted, the freedom of choice.”

In one of her signature roles, Hathaway portrayed Andy Sachs in the 2006 hit movie, who is forced to navigate a fashion magazine’s notoriously demanding editor Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep). 

The actress added, “And by the way, this is not a moral conversation about abortion, this is a practical conversation about women’s rights, and by the way human rights, because women’s rights are human rights.”

Hathaway has long been a progressive advocate on abortion rights. The Oscar-winning actress is known for her dramatic and comedic roles in such movies as “The Dark Knight Rises,” “Ocean’s Eight,” and “Les Misérables.” Her most recent film is the drama “Armageddon Time.”


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  1. Take care of your body and you won’t need an abortion. Oh and I don’t want to pay taxes so people can get one.

  2. For many years, there have been laws banning the use of government moneys to fund abortions. This has been a non-issue for years, so why are you bringing it up now?? You are beating a dead horse.

  3. Have you ever heard of birth control. This probably would not be an issue except the left went to far. If you get a chance Miss Hathaway, why don’t you google partial birth abortions and see what they do. I will warn you, it will make you sick, but do it anyway, If planned parenthood spent their time promoting birth control, instead of abortions we would not have a problem. But then again, they would loose a boatload of money, which I know means more to you than a life.

  4. Promoting birth control will end the problem. Thou shall not kill. In the Bible if those for abortion ever read the Bible this is a commandment.

  5. There is a place for abortions when it’s a case of incest, rape, or the pregnancy will never be a live birth or will put the mother at risk. Abortion as a means of birth control is wrong. But the point the Supreme Court was making is it should NOT be up to the federal government but should be managed by the individual states. So People should appeal to their state government. Having the Feds rule leads to what we have been experiencing Federal Overreach. I don’t want my life ruled for me I want Choice. So put the responsibility where it belongs the State.

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