Newsmax Anchor Lara Logan Fired After Claiming World Leaders ‘Dine on the Blood of Children’

Nearly a year after she was kicked to the curb by Fox News for essentially calling Dr. Anthony Fauci a Nazi, Lara Logan was on Newsmax’s primetime airwaves pushing QAnon tropes, invoking blood libel, and fear-mongering about a “global cabal” planning to “dilute the pool of patriots” in the United States with “100 million illegal immigrants.”

Following the publication of this article, Newsmax told The Daily Beast that it will not be bringing her back on the air going forward.

“Newsmax condemns in the strongest terms the reprehensible statements made by Lara Logan and her views do not reflect our network,” the network said in a statement. “We have no plans to interview her again.”

Logan, a one-time award-winning reporter for CBS News, has embraced baseless conspiracy theories in an apparent effort to remake herself as a far-right pundit. Her increasingly unhinged rhetoric, though, eventually resulted in Fox News distancing itself from her and the loss of her series on the network’s streaming service.

In recent weeks, however, Newsmax has showcased the former 60 Minutes correspondent, featuring her prominently on ex-Fox News host Eric Bolling’s primetime program. He once again welcomed her on as his lead guest Wednesday night, this time to discuss New York City’s handling of migrants who’ve been bussed in from Texas and other red states.

Logan, who once called migrants “a virus bomb” on America, immediately kicked off the segment by casually accusing the White House of importing immigrants in an effort to “incite” violence from the right.

“It’s really interesting because we live in a moment where you can see all over the place that this administration is desperate to incite some kind of event,” she declared. “Incite people to act that will prove the lie of white terrorism and white supremacy in America today and give them an excuse to crack down. They need a Reichstag fire.”

After invoking the Nazis’ rise to power and agreeing with Bolling that asylum-seeking migrants are being treated better than American citizens, Logan then insisted that she had proof that there was a worldwide plot to fully implement the “Great Replacement” theory in the United States. (The racist notion, which has now made its way to mainstream conservatives and Republicans, asserts that liberals are trying to “replace” white voters in Western countries with compliant non-white immigrants.)

“Meanwhile, these people are coming in freeloading, so you divide the population, and then you conquer them,” Bolling exclaimed, invoking the theory. “Then you get them to agree, get your side to agree, to give these people voting rights. Then you never, ever, see a conservative holding office again.”

Logan, of course, took it several steps further, repeating an unhinged claim she made on Newsmax’s far-right competitor One America News last month.

“And you’re 100 percent right, Eric, but you know what? It’s even bigger than that,” she replied. “Because I spoke to a man who was actually holding the documents in his hand. He told me about it, right? He said he infiltrated the global cabal at the U.N. level, right? And one of the things that he was able to tell me about, from his own personal experience, what he witnessed himself was these documents that showed the time there is a plan, and this was several years ago.”

Logan continued: “The plan was to infiltrate 100 million illegal immigrants, and at that point, there were already 40 million, and these people would dilute what they called the pool of patriots. Their words, right? And they would not be taught that America is a great country and trained to sing the national anthem with pride, and so on and so on. They would be taught all the negative things that we’re told about the U.S. today that our own children are taught.”

But the former Fox Nation host wasn’t done—not by a long shot.

Saying this all “ends badly for some,” Logan said that people of all faiths have told her “this is a spiritual battle” before evoking her own Christian faith, noting that she believes that “the fallen angel, otherwise known as Satan, doesn’t get to prevail in the world.” She also brought up the “End Times,” adding that “if you fight for God, God will fight for people.”

After framing the issue of immigration in apocalyptic Biblical terms, Logan sure seemed to accuse so-called globalists of blood libel, which is a longstanding antisemitic canard used to persecute Jewish people. Recently, the myth has become a pillar of the crazed QAnon conspiracy theory, which claims a Satanic cabal of pedophiles that drink the blood of children is secretly running the world.

“God believes in sovereignty, a national identity, of the sanctity of family and all the things that we’ve lived with from the beginning of time,” she proclaimed. “And he knows that the open border is Satan’s way of taking control of the world through all of these are people who are stooges and his servants.”

Logan added: “And they may think that they’re going to become gods; that’s what they tell us. You know [Yuval] Harari and all the rest of them at the World Economic Forum? You know, the ones who want us eating insects, cockroaches and that, while they dine on the blood of children? Those are the people, right? They’re not gonna win!”

Since her departure from Fox, Logan has become increasingly associated with the QAnon community, appearing on various shows hosted by QAnon influencers and moderating “election integrity forums” for state-level candidates who’ve dabbled in the conspiracy theory.

Furthermore, she’s been openly peddling antisemitic tropes in recent months, such as claiming Darwinism is a plot from “the Rothschilds,” sharing an article that argued that Jewish people are behind “a one world government,” and insisting that people flocked to the United States in the 18th century because they were “escaping the reach of the Rothschilds and, you know, the central bankers of today.”

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  1. newsmax is becoming more and more like the rest of the Media it’s time to turn TV off and listen to good music

  2. Freedom of speech in America is dying a slow death. I always found Lara Logan to be logical and direct in her commentary. News media has an obligation to present both sides of a story. Unfortunately, in today’s “politically correct/woke” environment, free speech is shut down. Viewer beware!

  3. She is right on, and their trying to shut her up. The woke can’t stand anyone standing up against their idiotic, and evil,policies. But u are way outnumbered by good, so u would be very unwise to start something u can’t finish,capeesh Patriots we not let this country fall to any cabal,or tyrannical, government against the people. Shut down our rights and civil anarchy will explode,everywhere.

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