A couple missing for a month in Mexico may have been killed and buried under patio of hostel, police believe.

Police found two bodies buried under the Hostal Catrina de Candelaria, in the city of Yucatan in Valladolid, Mexico, which are believed to be a French couple.

Social media reports said the bodies were found with their hands and feet bound and plastic bags over their heads.

French nationals Assya Madjour, 50, and Michel Amado, 57, have been missing for more than a month.

A two-day police search of their hotel and its grounds on 14th and 15th October – is said to have unearthed the two bodies.

Michel had reportedly been living in Mexico for the past 15 years while Assya moved to the country two years ago.

The couple went missing after they both travelled to a town known as San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas, Mexico, for a spiritual retreat, according to family members.

One line of investigation police are studying is the possibility that the couple’s murderers rented a room at the hostel in order to study their movements.

Their disappearance come just weeks after the couple wed in August and celebrated with a large party.

The couple began to run Hostal Catrina after they bought the small business from a Dutch businessman a few years ago, according to reports.

The Mirror reported about the couple on Friday last week.

Family of the pair then said they are “certain” the couple have been kidnapped, as French authorities say they are ‘closely monitoring the situation.’

They had been living in the in Mexico for the past few years, but now their families say they have not given any sign of life for more than a month.

The newly married couple built their life in the scenic country, and recently acquired a new ‘life project’ in the city of Valladolid, in Yucatan, on the eastern tip of Mexico.

However, since obtaining this, their relatives say they have not heard anything from them, and have gone without news from the pair since August 25.

The sister of Assya, Nawel Madjour, said: “We were in contact all the time.

“They didn’t feel in danger, but I was still worried about them because of the dangerousness of the region.”

On September 26, the families of the couple from the Basque Country reported their disappearance, which was relayed by the French authorities to their Mexican counterparts.

The French Embassy in Mexico went then assured thefamily that, “its services [are] mobilised, just like the Consulate General of France in Mexico City, in close contact with the family”, to find them.