Photos of Hunter Biden Crammed into White House AC Vents

A Trump staffer reportedly stuffed photos of Hunter Biden into air conditioning vents as former President Donald Trump prepared to vacate the White House last year.

The revelation comes from Maggie Haberman’s upcoming book Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America.

The book isn’t available until next week, but Politico obtained an interesting tidbit it reported in Friday’s West Wing Playbook.

A low-level staffer for Trump’s Director of the Presidential Personnel Office, John McEntee, reportedly left the incoming Biden administration a few surprises.

Max Tani and Alex Thompson reported:

…excerpts of the new book shared with West Wing Playbook show how in the final days of his presidency, Trump’s team took steps to sabotage their successors. Haberman reported that an employee of JOHN MCENTEE, who served as Trump’s director of the Presidential Personnel Office, stuffed copies of photos of HUNTER BIDEN into an air conditioning unit at the White House, breaking it.

The moment was a particularly petty representation of the disregard even rank-and-file staff had for the people who would soon be taking their jobs.

Haberman retweeted a post about the report from her book, and added some additional context: the staffers also hit multiple vents.

While petty, acts of sabotage from staffers of an outgoing administration are not unprecedented – even if Trump left in a manner that breached all norms.

On Jan. 23, 2001, ABC News reported staffers for newly-inaugurated George W. Bush had their keyboards sabotaged.

The “W” keys from every computer in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building were either missing or had been rendered unusable.

Aides of former President Bill Clinton were suspected.

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