Elderly Asian Man Assaulted with Wine Bottle in Chicago

The incident, which reportedly occurred on a CTA Red Line train at around 2:12 a.m. on Saturday, was caught on camera.

In a now-viral video of the attack, two individuals can be seen ganging up on the victim, who was seated alone. They ask for the victim’s ID and wallet before forcibly reaching into his pockets.

One of them then pulls a bottle of wine from the victim’s jacket. As the latter gets up, the robber slams the bottle against his head, leaving him hemorrhaging onto the train floor.

“This is why I don’t ride the Red Line,” wrote Teshaun Terry, who posted the video on Facebook. “Y’all be safe at night on the CTA.”

It is unclear whether the pair of suspects had company. In the video of the incident, a voice can be heard yelling “Charmaine” multiple times as the victim is being robbed.

Terry said she posted the video to spread awareness and help find the assailants. “They said they do this all the time,” she added.

The CTA in a statement denounced the attack as “absolutely reprehensible.” They have since been coordinating with Chicago police, who have issued a community alert to warn the public.

“This kind of behavior is absolutely reprehensible and should not happen to any CTA customer,” CTA officials said. “CTA began working very closely with CPD immediately after the incident was reported, including sharing relevant video from our security camera system.”

It was not immediately known whether the victim received medical treatment. He has not been identified, but some have described him as an elderly Asian man.

No arrests have been made as of this writing. Anyone with information about the attack is urged to call Mass Transit detectives at 312-745-4443 or submit a tip at CPDTIP.com.

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  1. What animals would do this to any elderly person. Let’s turn the chair around and let some thugs attack their parents or grandparents and see what happens

    They have a name so the PD would be able to arrest the perp.

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