Rob Lowe might be one of the dreamiest actors on TV thanks to his role as firefighter Owen Strand on the hit Fox drama 9-1-1: Lone Star, but it’s pretty much impossible for Rob to get too much of a swelled head about it.

His two sonsJohn Owen and Edward Matthew Lowe (who typically goes by Matthew) have a hilarious way of keeping their dad humble and they do so in a very public way. Now fans of Rob have come to expect his sons’ sassy snapbacks on Instagram.

Rob Lowe’s Sons Love Giving Him Gruff On Instagram

Though he’s made a name for himself over the decades as one of the most handsome, and funniest, actors on TV, Rob Lowe is still a fairly humble guy. That probably has something to do with the way his sons, John and Matthew, treat him, especially on Instagram. The dad-of-two is often the victim of jokes from his sons on the social media site, which his fans clearly adore. 

Over the years, John and Matthew have teased their dad for any number of things, including Rob’s attempts to look like a tough guy during a family trip to Tanzania. In the caption to the photo, Rob wrote, “Sunset walk. I will miss these clothes back in LA.” 

John, Rob’s younger son, soon commented, “I just watched you put that knife on your belt for this photo.”

Lots Of Teasing From John, Matthew Lowe

When Rob shared a photo of himself performing in front of a massive crowd in Las Vegas, John was quick to shut him down, commenting, “[John] Stamos would have sold it out.” Speaking of John Stamos, when Rob revealed that the Full House actor would be joining him on his podcast Literally!, Matthew joked, “Your better half?”

The best moments are when the brothers team up on their dad, like they did when Rob announced that the family had welcomed a new arrival in the form of an adorable pooch named Daisy. “Say hello to the newest member of the family, Daisy,” Rob wrote in the caption, adding, “I’m a goner for her.” 

John quickly corrected his dad, writing “Frito*” which was apparently his first choice of name for the puppy. Matthew, meanwhile, teased his dad for not posting at a more engaging time, writing, “The ever engaging 10pm post.”

Even More Recent Posts Aren’t Safe

Just a few days ago, John proved that he’s always available to give his famous dad a hard time. Rob posted two side-by-side photos of himself featuring him wearing a sleeveless plaid green shirt. 

On the left was a recent photo of the former Parks And Recreation star in the present day while the picture on the right came from one of Rob’s first roles in the 1985 show Youngblood. In the caption, Rob wrote, “911: Lonestar 2021 vs Youngblood 1985,” adding, “Who wore it better?” John didn’t hesitate to answer. 

“Neither of you wore it better,” John commented. “There’s no better here.” These back and forths between father and sons have delighted fans. In fact, some people find themselves scrolling through the comment section to see if either Matthew or John have added one of their hilarious comments. 

One fan wrote on one post, “I love Rob’s posts but always look for the kid’s post right off!” Another added, “​​I am really just waiting for your boys to roast you on this post lol.” 

It’s always great to see the bond between a father and his sons, and even better when it’s clear that those sons aren’t terribly impressed by their father’s fame. Hopefully this habit of sassing their dad continues because we’ve never seen something so hilarious.

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