A candidate for lieutenant governor of Nevada was forcibly removed from a meeting about COVID-19 misinformation on Tuesday in scenes captured on video and shared to social media.

Footage shows Mack Miller being forcibly removed by two security guards from a meeting of the Clark County Commission in Las Vegas, where misinformation about the virus was declared a public health crisis.

Multiple videos shared on social media show the security officers ejecting Miller and bringing him through a metal detector that shakes and then almost falls to the ground as a result of the struggle.

One video posted to YouTube and apparently filmed by Miller himself inside the commission chambers showed him telling security guards not to shove him, before later claiming they had done just that.

During raucous scenes where several people were speaking loudly or shouting, Miller told the guards “now don’t get rough” while speaking to the camera about the meeting being shut down and people being made to leave.

Miller asked one guard for his name and badge number and mentioned his time in the military. He could be heard to say: “And there’s no way that you’re going to stop me from protecting these people’s f***ng rights.”

Other videos posted to Twitter showed Miller being removed from the building and the metal detector falling before being caught by guards. Miller also ended up on the floor after he was pushed through the metal detector.

Clark County spokesperson Erik Pappa said on Tuesday that the matter was under review. The incident involving Miller reportedly occurred between meetings of the commission. Pappa said security officers had asked someone to put on a mask, causing some attendees to become disruptive. The officers decided to clear the room.

Miller ran unsuccessfully as a Republican for the Nevada state assembly in 2018 and for mayor of Las Vegas in 2019. He is running for lieutenant governor next year, according to his campaign website.

Republican Mack Miller seen thrown out of Clark County Commissioners meeting in Las Vegas.

Anybody shocked by this video? ?pic.twitter.com/6OSRnHoGBr— Big Dan Rodimer (@DanRodimer) September 22, 2021

The Clark County Commission voted by 5 to 2 on Tuesday to declare COVID-19 misinformation a public health crisis after a motion proposed by Commissioner Justin Jones.

“It’s important for our governing board to declare health misinformation as a public health crisis and commit to doing all we can to combat the falsehoods that continue to jeopardize the lives of our citizens,” Jones said after the vote.

Commission chair Marilyn Kirkpatrick joined Commissioner Jim Gibson in opposing the proposal but said she was still considering whether to support the measure as she addressed it on Tuesday. She bemoaned division in the community and said she didn’t want to create more.

“But now we’re just angry on both sides. We’re angry all the way around,” Kirkpatrick said.