Beto Plans to Take On Abbott for Texas Governor

According to reporting by Axios, former U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke, a Democrat, is reportedly preparing a bid to challenge Republican Gov. Greg Abbott in the Texas gubernatorial race next November. 

O’Rourke is expected to formally announce his 2022 gubernatorial bid in Texas later this year, According to the outlet. 

O’Rourke, a former three-term congressman from El Paso, lost his U.S. Senate bid against Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, in 2018 despite raising a record-breaking $80 million in the race that gained national attention. He later failed in his bid for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. 

Why he thinks he will fare any better in unseating Abbott is unclear, yet it seems like the former congressman is apparently hoping to restart his political career in a state politically divided by hot-button issues like abortion, immigration, and COVID-19.

“We hope that he’s going to run,” Gilberto Hinojosa, the state chair of the Democratic Party, told Axios. “We think he’ll be our strongest candidate. We think he can beat Abbott because he’s vulnerable.”

Abbott’s “prohibition against mask and vaccination mandates have not gone over well with Texans,” Hinojosa continued. “And with the abortion law, Republicans have raised the anger level of Texas women higher than anyone has ever seen before.” 

David Wysong, O’Rourke’s former House chief of staff and a longtime adviser, sought to shoot down the rumors when reached by Axios, saying, “No decision has been made.”

Still, Axios reported that O’Rourke has been calling political allies to solicit their advice, “leaving them with the impression that he’s made his decision to run.”

A new poll for the Dallas Morning News shows that O’Rourke has cut Abbott’s lead from 12 percentage points to five in a hypothetical matchup, while actor Matthew McConaughey, another potential challenger, has soared to 9 percentage points ahead of the governor.

7 thoughts on “Beto Plans to Take On Abbott for Texas Governor

  1. Beto is a giant loser who doesn’t stand a chance. This guy made a fool out of himself when he ran for President, hope he spares us having to watch that bs again.

  2. HERR BETO, genocidal insane nazi. He takes your guns then givES them too illegals/migrants. And general WilLLEY. NILLEY MILLEY brings in her s deep state majority foreign GUERILLAS too exterminator texans

  3. Didn’t he learn ANYTHING from his failed Presidental run?? Abbott may have his faults, but he’s standing up against Obama-led Biden on the border issue. Beto doesn’t stand a chance in h@## against Abbott.

  4. Send him all the illegals, clear the border send them to Beto, put them in his back yard.
    the old marine

  5. Beto is a major laughing stock here in Texas I think that Beto needs an exam from a head doctor cause i
    think he has a mental problem. I don’t think he could get elected for dog catcher. but the cheating democrats are already planning a way to try to get him in and cheat like they did in 2020 but that will not fly in-Texas. you must remember “DON”T MESS WITH TEXAS” “REMEMBER THE ALAMO” and it could happen here again if need be.Texas will never bend to total Government that control like they have in Russia with a ruler like Putin who cheats ever erection to stay in office even if the people there want him out. remember its “WE THE PEOPLE” who controls this country and the government works for us and not for them self. That why “we THE PEOPLE have the legal right to fight against a over aggressive government who wants total control on WE THE PEOPLE who will never give up out freedom. Its no accident that the first amendment and the second amendment gives us the right to free speech and the right to bare arms to protect all the other freedoms they gave us. and that is why we will never bend to the governments wish for total control of our lives. A lot of the Black Americans think we should just hand over everything to them. I say this if you want to still be enslaved then support the current Biden government and you will be the modern term of slavery. It was the Democrat slave owners in the south that owned slaves because they made money and power off them, the Democrat party is now trying to make money and power off you, but you are now free in America If you are willing to work hard you can be anything yo want to be. Remember their is no such thing as something for free it is paid for in the long run by WE THE PEOPLE and our men and women who join our military who fight for that freedom.

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