Las Vegas man who practices ‘African spirituality’ was shot by his girlfriend after he allegedly hurled her young daughter from a third-floor balcony because she was ‘full of bad spirits,’ according to the arrest report. 

The bizarre situation unfolded shortly before 5pm Sunday when police found the five-year-old girl face down and unconscious in the Boulder Pines apartment complex – about 10 miles outside the Vegas strip. 

While five-year-old was being rushed to the hospital, police spoke to her mom – Angela Matthews – who said her boyfriend of about seven months – Jarick Jermel Willis, 32 – ‘believed she was a demon’ and said she ‘had bad entities,’ the arrest report says. 

After hearing the commotion, the girl’s mother said her son told her that Willis threw the five-year-old from the balcony, and she grabbed a gun to protect her and her son, according to the report. 

The confrontation became physical, and Willis was shot in the chest during the struggle and ran off, the report says. 

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police found Willis after following a blood trail, arrested him and brought him to a hospital, where he was listed in critical condition. 

‘Angela said she and Jarick practice and believe in African Spirituality and on Saturday Jarick started talking about how he believed (the daughter) was full of bad spirits. Matthews told him to stop talking about her daughter in that way, to which she indicated Jarick apologized to her,’ the arrest report says. 

The young girl is still alive but suffered multiple broken bones, a collapsed lung and lacerated liver. 

It’s unknown if she or Willis are expected to live. Willis wasn’t present during Monday’s arraignment, according to court documents. 

He was charged with attempted murder, three counts child abuse/neglect and first-degree domestic battery. 

An older daughter and a son were in the apartment at the time of the attack. 

Matthews has not been charged with a crime.