Illinois Man Shot Half-Brother in the Head During Heated Family Argument

An Illinois man allegedly used a 9mm semi-automatic handgun to shoot his half-brother in the head during a heated argument over COVID-19 vaccinations, Inside Edition reported.

Larry D. Cavitt, 68, is charged with first-degree murder and aggravated battery with the use of a firearm, according to a news release by Illinois State Police.

Joseph E. Geyman, a 51-year-old corrections officer, died from injuries sustained by gunfire, police said.

Johnson County Sheriff Pete Sopczak said that the half-brothers, who were also neighbors, argued over coronavirus vaccines late Saturday night (August 28) before Cavitt allegedly took out a gun and shot Geyman, Associated Press reported.

There had been no physical altercation before the “senseless” shooting, Sopczak said.

Cavitt was initially in custody at Massac County jail, police said, but he was released from jail on Tuesday after he posted bond. The bond was set at $750,000 during a hearing on Monday, and requires Cavitt to possess no firearms and to stay away from Geyman’s wife and children, The Southern Illinoisian reported.

Cavitt’s next court appearance, a preliminary hearing, is set to take place on September 15.

Geyman, a father-of-four, was described as a “good-hearted, hard-working, talented man” in tributes to him on Facebook.

“Joe Geyman was one of the greatest guys around,” Sopczak said, according to The Southern Illinoisian.

His funeral took place on Friday.

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  1. One does have to wonder at the stupidity of some people, who seem to be incapable of thinking before they act! It’s all very well to allow people to have guns, but there has to be limitations of some kind to prevent these kinds of killings! One of the issues that should be considered is to ensure that the gun is always in its holster and that it is kept in a place somewhere where it can’t be easily removed! There are probably better choices of placing guns but the use and placement of them should be seriously considered!

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