Agents with the FBI raided the Brooklyn home of the fundraising chief Brianna Suggs for New York City Mayor Eric Adams on Thursday, according to several news reports.

The news about the raid came shortly after the mayor suddenly canceled a meeting about the city’s migrant crisis with senior officials at the White House Thursday just hours after departing New York for Washington, D.C. He quickly returned to New York. However, it is not clear if the raid is the reason behind the sudden cancellation.

The reason for the raid has not been disclosed, but an FBI spokesperson confirmed that law enforcement action was being performed at Suggs’s address, according to the New York Times. Another source told the outlet that agents from one of the New York bureau’s public corruption squads questioned Suggs during the raid.

Suggs, who has been working with Adams since he was the Brooklyn borough president, plays an important role in consulting the mayor in his reelection campaigns. Adams’s 2025 election campaign has already brought in at least $2.5 million so far.

The campaign has paid the consultant nearly $100,000 in the past two years for fundraising and campaign consulting services through her personal company Suggs Solutions, according to city records. She also received more than $50,000 from Adams’s first mayoral campaign for her services and is registered as a lobbyist.

The news comes amid a flurry of activity in New York. Adams, who has long emphasized the toll the country’s immigrant crisis has had on the city, unexpectedly canceled a highly anticipated visit to Washington, D.C., to return to New York. Adams was expected to plead for federal assistance in front of Congress and the White House, but a spokesperson for the mayor told the Washington Examiner that these meetings would be rescheduled.

Adams was also supposed to meet with two other mayors from Chicago and Denver, who also need help with offsetting the costs of housing thousands of immigrants. New York City has seen the greatest influx outside of southern border states, having taken in more than 100,000 asylum-seekers since spring 2022.

The Washington Examiner reached out to the FBI for comment.

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