Trump ‘Mocked’ by Republicans for WWII Comment

Donald Trump on Friday claimed Joe Biden was “cognitively impaired” and, in that same sentence, mistakenly said we are being led toward “World war II.”

Trump was speaking at a prayer summit when he, in his concluding remarks, warned Americans away from following Biden into “World War II.”

No, not World War III. He said World War two. That slip didn’t go unnoticed by fellow Republicans, who drew attention to the purported irony of Trump making that misstatement.

The account for Republicans Against Trump, a group for “pro-democracy conservative Republicans fighting Trump & Trumpism,” said, “Donald Trump is warning America that ‘Cognitively impaired’ Biden will lead us into ‘World War Two’ if re-elected. You can’t make this sh-t up.”

Former Republican Party chairman Michael Steele blasted the former president.

“Then there is this dumb-ss,” he said Saturday. “‘Cognitively impaired’, alright. Y’all still buying his sh-t, huh?”

Former Republican media consultant Matthew Sheffield said that, “Trump gave a mumbling, slurred speech claiming he’s concerned about ‘cognitively impaired’ presidents while also claiming he’d prevent ‘World War 2.'”

He added:

“He did it all while speaking over relaxation music designed to lull his audience via fascistic ASMR. Yes, it is a cult.”

Sheffield continues:

“Donald Trump hasn’t been able to deliver a grammatical sentence while speaking in at least 10 years,” he wrote Saturday. “His brain is mush, [and] it’s why his Christian fundamentalist base loves him so. Both have broken cognition.”

Right-wing online personality Bill Mitchell, who once supported Trump before switching his support to Ron DeSantis, said on Saturday, “Did Donald Trump really just say he beat Obama and that Biden will lead us into World War TWO? I’m sorry Trump supporters, but your guy is experiencing significant mental decline. Time for a new generation of leaders.”

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  1. Actually RINO-publicans need to be eliminated. They’re hurting America. RINO’s and Democrats are thrusting America into a Depression.

  2. Trump never studied history, none of the trumps ever served in the military. Trump just causes a riot, he hides in his office will other people put there life on the line. Most men his age served our country and many died in Vietnam. But Trump hid from his duty.

  3. Trump is an ignorant moron whose only skill is the ability to scam people of low education and intelligence.
    Do some smart republicans hitched their wagons to the Trump train? Yes they did, and they did it because it seems trump hold sway with the moronic, racist class and they know they need those votes to get elected

  4. Listen to these more perfect than thou idiots, like know one has ever miss spoken before, it should be obvious to all Trump meant world war Ill…. But no the globalists pushing us towards war are absolutely perfect !! NOT!

  5. Wow ! One little misspoken word!
    At least, President Trump is able
    to speak for 2 hours or more and
    his crowds are never bored; compared to another president
    we have a hard time deciphering
    what he is saying most of the times.

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