Fox News Host Says Karen is a “Racial Slur for White Women” (VIDEO)

Original Article – Fox News presenter Will Cain has said that he thinks the term ‘Karen’ is a “racial slur for white women” in a segment about a white female hospital worker who was accused of taking a rental bicycle from a black man.

The co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend has been subbing in for Tucker Carlson’s old 8:00 p.m. primetime spot and one Twitter user suggested Cain decided to “go out swinging” on his last day.

Cain’s comment came as he was discussing the controversy over a pregnant white hospital worker in Manhattan who was accused of taking a Citi Bike from a teenage black man — who also claimed that he paid for the two-wheeler.

In a video of the incident, Sarah Comrie, wearing blue scrubs, can be seen screaming for help and tearing up as a crowd surrounded them.

However, Comrie, 36, has since provided receipts that her lawyer believes show she was the one who purchased the ride.

Discussing the viral incident, Cain said: “In today’s America, you must see race, and you are required to take the side of any black person in incidences that also involve a white person. Evidence does not matter.

“And not only do you have to side with the person of color, you must immediately believe that the incident is racial in nature.

“So, because of these rules, Sarah Comrie is white, and the five teenagers are black. And therefore, Sarah Comrie is automatically racist and at fault. Those are the rules in America.

“The media headlines immediately followed those rules, referring to Comrie as a ‘Karen’, which is a new racial slur for white women.”

According to the BBC, ‘Karen’ references a specific type of middle-class white woman, who exhibits behaviors that stem from privilege.

Comrie’s lawyer has said she will be suing the media for defamation.

“She’s been called a racist. She’s been called a thief. There are reasons defamation laws exist, and we plan to pursue that,” her lawyer said on Fox News.

Cain was criticized for his opinion, with some users on Twitter calling Cain a ‘Karen’ himself. One user said: “Fox News isn’t even hiding racism anymore.”

Another said: “Will Cain is such a Karen.”

It comes just days after GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke about her interactions with New York Rep. Jamaal Bowman, saying her Democratic colleague’s use of the term “white supremacist” was a slur equal in severity to the n-word.

Greene held a news conference to announce a slew of articles of impeachment that she has introduced against several federal officials, including Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Attorney General Merrick Garland.

The Georgia Republican also announced her plans to introduce articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden, with a promise of more to come.

While taking questions from reporters, Greene, a Donald Trump supporter, diverted from her impeachment news to criticize Bowman after the most recent interaction between the two.

“Jamaal Bowman led a mob down there in front of that courthouse, and my life was in danger,” she said. “Jamaal Bowman was shouting at the top of his lungs, cursing, calling me a horrible name, calling me a white supremacist, which I take great offense to.

“That is like calling a person of color the n-word, which should never happen. Calling me a white supremacist is equal to that and that is wrong,” she said.

Greene said she felt “threatened” by Bowman after the two were seen shouting at each other on the steps of the U.S. Capitol.

“He was aggressive; his physical mannerisms were aggressive,” Greene told reporters during an unrelated press conference on Thursday, a day after their confrontation. “I am concerned about it. I feel threatened by him.”

Bowman hit back, according to the New York Times, saying: “There’s a history of this, from Mike Brown to Emmett Till to any Black man who is passionate, outspoken, intelligent trying to stand their ground being confronted with violence. Her words today were violent and might induce violence if they get into the wrong ears.”

“So she’s not even using a dog whistle,” he told reporters. “She’s using a bullhorn to put a target on my back to the people that she refers to as MAGA people out there who might want to cause harm.”


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  1. Why are you giving any time to another Fox News BS story?
    A Karen does need to be white, it could be Asian or Latina/o or even black and it does not even have to be female….so there goes his theory.
    I guess now that Tucker is gone, all the despicable talking heads are vying for the position of top A-Hole?…Fox viewers really like A-holes that keep telling them that they are not dumb or ignorant or racist….they are just poor victims…..

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