Missing School Bus Full of Kids Found in Parking Lot After Driver Had ‘Medical Incident’

A school bus full of children briefly went missing in New Jersey after its driver had a medical emergency.

Warren Township school officials contacted authorities Thursday morning after the bus did not arrive at Mount Horeb School as expected, according to a joint statement from Warren Township Schools Superintendent Matthew Mingle and Warren Township Police Chief William Keane, obtained by PEOPLE.

The bus driver — identified by NBC affiliate WNBC-TV and ABC affiliate WABC-TV as an 80-year-old man — became disoriented after experiencing “a medical incident” while operating the vehicle, the statement says.

About 20 kids were onboard the bus “ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade,” Bridgewater Police Chief John Mitzak said, according to the outlets.

While disoriented, the bus driver pulled into a parking lot in Bridgewater, where the bus was involved in a “minor” accident with a parked vehicle, according to school and police officials.

At that point, the bus had been missing for nearly an hour, WNBC-TV reported.

Mitzak said the bus made contact with “the back of a flat-bed trailer,” and that officers “saw that the driver was still trying to maneuver the bus” afterward, per the outlet.

“They [officers] got onto the bus, put the bus in park, moved the driver into another seat, and then they started escorting children off the bus,” Mitzak explained.

No students were injured throughout the ordeal, according to school officials. The children on the bus were examined by a school nurse before they were put on another bus and taken to school.

“They were fine … a little scared obviously,” Mitzak, who did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment, told WNBC-TV.

Parents of the students on the bus were given the option to pick up their children from school upon their return, according to school and police officials.

Meanwhile, the bus driver was transported to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital New Brunswick for treatment, per WABC-TV.

School and police officials expressed their appreciation for those who assisted in Thursday’s search for the missing bus, as well as those who helped bring the kids home safely.

“We are grateful for the professionalism and expertise of Warren Township and Bridgewater first responders and all of the school and district officials involved in responding to this situation,” they said in Thursday’s statement.


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