Gravedigger Finds Living Woman in Freshly Sealed Tomb

Police in Brazil have rescued a woman who was found bricked up in a tomb in the Municipal Cemetery of Visconde do Rio Branco, Minas Gerais State.

Gravediggers alerted the police after they noticed the freshly sealed niche with bricks and cement and bloodstains. Upon their arrival, the police heard the woman’s cries for help and freed her. She was then taken to a local hospital to receive treatment for head injuries.

According to reports, the woman was taken to the cemetery by two masked men who assaulted her and sealed her in the tomb. The motive for the attack was initially believed to be a drug dispute.

The Military Police described the woman as a drug user who was keeping drugs for the perpetrators but had misplaced them.

However, the Civil Police gave a different motive, stating that it was a dispute over a firearm. The perpetrators have been identified, and the police are currently searching for them.

In a statement, the Municipality of Visconde do Rio Branco said that despite the increased security and partial closure of the area, invasions by drug users continue to occur due to the disastrous condition of the cemetery under the current administration.

Meanwhile, in Peru, police found an 800-year-old mummy in the food delivery cooler bag of a man who claimed it was his “spiritual girlfriend.”

The delivery man, identified as Julio Cesar Bermejo, named the mummy “Juanita” and said he took care of her. The police found the mummy when they searched Bermejo, who was acting drunk at an archaeological site in Puno.

According to senior agent Marco Antonio Ortega, a spokesperson for Puno region’s National Police, the man had put the remains in the bag to show them off to his friends.

He kept the mummy in a box in his room next to the TV.

These incidents highlight the bizarre and alarming situations that can occur in different parts of the world.

It is essential to maintain adequate security measures and take preventive actions to ensure the safety and protection of people and historical artefacts.

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