5-Year-Old Killed, 2 Minors Injured in Drive-by Shooting

A 5-year-old was killed and two other minors were injured in relation to a drive-by shooting in Tempe, Arizona, on Friday (March 17) night, the Tempe Police Department announced.

“The death of that five-year-old is a tragedy and our deepest condolences go out to that family,” said Byron Thomas, spokesperson for the Tempe Police Department, during a briefing on Saturday (March 18) via CNN.

Officers responded to a shooting at around 11:45 p.m. and found a suspect vehicle had opened fire on a car with one adult and six minors inside, which included the casualty and the two injured victims. The vehicle was reported to have immediately fled the scene prior to officers’ arrival.

“That suspect vehicle then began shooting at that victim vehicle, striking multiple juveniles,” Thomas said.

All three of the injured victims were transported to a hospital where the 5-year-old was later pronounced dead. No suspects have been arrested and a motive is not determined at this time, according to police.

The adult driver was not injured during the incident and it is unclear whether he was related to the juveniles, according to CNN.

Thomas said the incident is still under investigation and added, “at this time, we don’t really have any information as to what caused it.”

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  1. Maybe it was a guy from the future who traveled back in time to kill those little kids before they become murderous monsters.
    Another example how angry drivers deal with each others when they are armed with guns

    And we have morons that believe that more people with guns will make us safer?

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