Josh Duggar Placed in Solitary Confinement

Convicted sex offender Josh Duggar was placed in solitary confinement after he was caught with an illegal cellphone in prison.

Duggar was sentenced to 12.5 years or 151 months in May 2022 after he was convicted of possession of child pornography. The 31-year-old father of seven and former reality tv star was sent to FCI Seagoville in Texas to serve out his punishment.

With Duggar’s cellphone infraction behind bars, he was given solitary confinement at the federal prison that has long been a source of controversy over its hard conditions.

A family member of an inmate housed at the same federal facility as Duggar informed The Sun that the Arkansas native was placed in Seagoville’s SHU (solitary housing unit) last week.

“He went into the SHU for having a cellphone,” the insider confirmed. “I can tell you that the SHU there is so bad that the regional office was just down there to see what was going on.”

Numerous inmates at the correctional facility raised concerns about the severity of the conditions at the prison — particularly its infamous solitary unit.

The insider claimed that the prison violated inmates rights who were sent to solitary housing.

“They’ve been keeping prisoners in the SHU indefinitely, not letting them have DHO hearings, which let them know when they’re getting out,” the source alleged.

A recent complaint filed by a Seagoville inmate in October 2022 shined a light on the grave conditions.

In October 2022, The Sun shared a complaint that alleged the prison had “deliberate indifference” to his deteriorating mental and physical state.

According to the inmate’s complaint, the prisoner alleged a “failure to provide [his] prescribed medication for 31 days while he was confined in the Special Housing Unit at the total mercy of BOP staff.”

Former inmates and their family members also accused the prison of intentional neglect of SHU inmates, even those with medical disabilities.

One source close to an inmate claimed their “family member hasn’t received any medical treatment in two and a half years for his disability. He’s asked and they keep telling him that he’s on the list.”

“He needs glasses, and he’s been on the list to get an optometry appointment for over a year and still hasn’t gotten any,” the insider added on their family member allegedly being denied crucial prescription glasses.

Other complaints included: “situations where he’s had a cold or COVID. And sometimes it’s a couple of days before he’s able to get any kind of attention at all.”

It is unclear how long Duggar is expected to remain in the SHU; however, his sister Jinger shared her concern about her brother’s chance for rehabilitation and redemption after prison.

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  1. Yeah that is how all federal prisons are run, in DC you get two years in solitary confinement for trespassing and that is even before you get a trial for your crime of trespassing. The horrible thing about it, is that the Judges and courts give that treatment their blessings! So much for the constitution huh?

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