Gavin Newsom Says Ex-Wife “Fell Prey” to Fox News

California Governor Gavin Newsom believes his ex-wife Kimberly Guilfoyle was a “different person” when the couple was still married and that she only transformed into a right-wing personality after “falling prey” to the culture at Fox News.

Newsom’s surprising comments came earlier this week when he sat for a podcast interview with David Axelrod to discuss the California governor’s former spouse and her roles as a Fox News host, as a senior advisor to former President Donald Trump and as a high-profile right-wing personality in her own right.

When asked about his ex-wife’s sudden shift from “progressive ideals to a conservative firebrand,” Newsom suggested the change in Guilfoyle’s ideals and mindsets was a result of her time at Fox News starting in 2006.

“She’s got a prosecutorial mindset, she always had that,” Newsom explained. “She’s whip-smart and she fell prey, I think, to the culture at Fox.”

“In a deep way, she would disagree with that assessment — she’d perhaps suggest she ‘found the light.,’” he continued. “Obviously, we have contrasting points of view.”

Newsom also suggested Guilfoyle’s “political 180-degree turn” was a result of her own “ambition” and “pride” – particularly after the 53-year-old news personality previously worked for left-leaning prosecutors like Terence Hallinan and Kamala Harris.

During the podcast interview, Axelrod also brought up the “humiliating” photo of Newsom and Guilfoyle posing for the September 2004 edition of Harper’s Bazaar.

In the nearly 20-year-old photo, the then-San Francisco mayor and Guilfoyle are pictured laying on the floor of the Ann and Gordon Getty’s Pacific Heights mansion under the title “‘New Kennedys’ or not, focus is on the city’s first couple.”

“Well, the photo was even more humiliating,” Newsom said regarding the now-infamous Harper’s Bazaar spread. “It was on the floor…it was kind of a gag thing, and they actually printed it.”

“Lesson learned, in my life,” he added after admitting the 2004 photo shoot was an act of “self-flagellation” and “stupidity.”

As previously reported, Newsom and Guilfoyle ultimately divorced in 2006.

Guilfoyle is now engaged to former President Trump’s son Don Jr. and, when asked by Axelrod whether he was invited to the couple’s upcoming wedding, Newsom joked that it was unlikely.

“Well, I’m very busy,” he quipped.

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