Beyonce’s Bodyguard Threatens to Reveal Dark Secrets

Beyonce and Jay Z are potentially facing a major crisis as a man claiming to be Beyonce’s former bodyguard has made explosive allegations against her on TikTok, according to Media Take Out.

Media Take Out confirmed that the man, who goes by the name “Uncle Ron,” was a bodyguard for multiple celebrities. And while it’s not clear what his relationship was with Beyonce, we located images online which show a man resembling Uncle Ron appearing to serve as Bey’s bodyguard.

The below image was taken in 2004.

Uncle Ron has posted a series of TikTok videos about Jay Z and Beyonce. In most of the videos he claims to have “inside information” and “receipts” on the billionaire couple.

In his latest video, Uncle Ron tells the audience, “I know your deepest secrets … and I know how you got to where you are.”

Media Take Out watched the video, where Uncle Ron makes a series of unfounded allegations against Jay and Bey – including that they worked behind the scenes to “destroy” the career of fellow R&B artist Keri Hilson.

And Uncle Ron made more explosive and outrageous claims against Bey. According to Uncle Ron, Jay Z and Beyonce’s relationship is merely a “business relationship” and not a romantic one.

And the hating ex-bodyguard claimed – without evidence – that Beyonce “is on drugs.”

Uncle Ron also claims in the video that Beyonce’s team is going after him – to get him to shut up and stop making outrageous claims against her and her family.

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