Ivana Trump’s sudden death in July was the end of an era in Manhattan because at one point during her life, she, and ex Donald Trump, were a part of the city’s socialite inner circle.

Now, the colorful New York City public figure had passed away and Donald Trump was left to mourn the life that he once had.

Ivana’s death affected the former president more than the public probably realizes because when the couple was at the height of their popularity, they were beloved. So much had happened in the aftermath of their divorce and Donald Trump became one of the most divisive public figures in US history.

Socialite Vivian Serota noted to Vanity Fair that during Ivana’s open-casket viewing, he couldn’t stand still, pacing by her casket “as if he were talking to her.” However, it was Serota who had the last word with Donald Trump and reminded him of how his cheating scandal with Marla Maples crushed Ivana.

Ivana’s BFF confronted him at the gravesite where he stood by himself, and said, “You broke her heart. She loved you; she still loved you, and I know you loved her. You could have been the couple of the century. You made a mistake.”

Those pointed words probably cut Donald Trump deeply because Serota was right — when he divorced Ivana everything changed for the worse.

Sure, he ascended to the Oval Office, but he didn’t walk away as everybody’s favorite president. If he had Ivana by his side, things would have turned out much differently.

Serota knew that she hit Donald Trump where it hurt, and recalled, “He didn’t say anything. But when he turned around, there were tears running down his face.” Ivana was always Donald Trump’s secret weapon back in their heyday, she helped make him likable and popular — it’s something he was never able to recreate out on his own.