A 45-year-old father stands accused of fatally shooting his daughter’s boyfriend and burying him because the victim was allegedly abusing his daughter.

According to the criminal complaint, on Oct. 28, Bryce Brogle was reported missing by his girlfriend, Cordelia Laflex, after he had gone to a storage unit with his girlfriend’s father, Michael Lee Laflex.

The complaint alleges that Michael Lee Laflex believed Brogle “had been abusing his daughter,” and he shot the victim at a storage unit on or about Oct. 26.

Laflex reportedly dragged the victim’s body with a sled and cleaned the storage unit using bleach.

According to the complaint, Laflex told a family member he had “disposed of the body and that the deceased, Brogle, would not be found, as the body had been buried.”

On Oct. 29, the complaint said authorities found blood and a bottle of bleach in Laflex’s storage unit. During a search of the area, authorities reportedly found marks on the concrete floor that were indicative of a body being carried via sled.

Brogle’s body was eventually found in a gravesite on public land in Crow Wing County on Oct. 30 with a gunshot to the back of the head, the complaint said.

The victim and his girlfriend’s landlord reportedly called the Crow Wing County Sheriff’s Office, and he told authorities that Laflex asked if Brogle “had hurt his daughter.”

According to the complaint, the landlord told Laflex that he “had seen Cordelia with two black eyes.” Laflex then allegedly said he was “going to kill Brogle and already had the hole dug.”

Laflex was arrested and booked into the Crow Wing County Jail for second-degree murder on Oct. 29, records show.