3 Brothers Die in Suspected Drug Overdose

Three brothers died of a suspected drug overdose in Colorado, police and local media outlets reported. On Sunday, Oct. 30, police announced they were investigating three deaths at a home on Kittredge Street, in Denver, the city’s police department stated in a news release. “Preliminary investigation revealed that it is possibly a drug overdose,” the department stated.

Denver police declined to provide more information to McClatchy News, noting it is still an open investigation. The coroner’s office identified the three individuals who died as Darren King Jr., 28; Terrance King, 30; and Jairon Jackson, 31, according to KUSA.

Family members confirmed that the three men were brothers. “It is hard to let go,” a cousin told the outlet. “All I can do is cry cry cry and think of all the memories we have had,” one family member said in a Facebook post. “Nothing can take away the hurt and pain.” At least 1,881 Coloradoans died of drug overdoses in 2021, nearly doubling the age-adjusted rate from four years earlier, according to the Denver Post. “If the drug crisis hasn’t affected you yet, it will,” the head of a drug recovery center told the outlet.

Nationwide, there were an estimated 107,000 drug overdose deaths last year, according to the CDC. The main driver of the deaths is synthetic opioids, including fentanyl.

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