Jimmy Kimmel Brutally Mocks Alex Jones’ ‘Hissy Fit’

The late-night host gleefully laughed at Jones’ reaction to finding out he owes Sandy Hook families $965 million for spreading lies about their massacred children.

“Today was a rough day for the despicable and ridiculous Alex Jones,” Jimmy Kimmel said midway through his late-night monologue on Wednesday.

The InfoWars founder was hit with nearly a billion dollars in damages by a Connecticut jury for spreading disinformation about the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting. “He tormented these families,” Kimmel, who has been an outspoken advocate for action on guns, said. “He accused them of faking their children’s deaths.”

“Alex, of course, says he won’t pay a cent. He declared bankruptcy to try to protect himself,” the host explained, “and had a full-on hissy fit as the verdict was read.”

From there, Kimmel shared a highlight reel from Jones’ live broadcast as the news was breaking, which concluded with him begging viewers to support him by buying supplements from his website. “And see what it does for your body,” he told them.

“Well, we can see what it’s doing for your body,” Kimmel said with a laugh. “I mean, for a sunburned walrus, you’re looking fantastic. Now go get that money for those parents, you disgusting pig-garbage person!”

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  1. Alex Jones maybe wrong in his remarks and thinking . But the question remains what is Jimmy Kimmel ? Is he anymore correct in his mockery of Jones ?
    Kimmel is nothing more than a leftist shill making his living mocking others . In short , Jimmy Kimmel is a total idiot who earns his living mocking the misfortune of others . That makes him the same as Alex Jones but on a lower level . In short , a bottom dweller and feeder and IDIOT !

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