If you’ve ever attempted to insult someone of small stature by comparing them to a shrimp, you can probably eat your words. Sometimes it’s the little guys who win in the end. One fisherman can attest to this firsthand. He was literally bested by a mantis shrimp when it punched through his boot. It didn’t stop there, however. The shrimp actually cut open the fisherman’s foot, leaving a gruesome-looking wound.

A Youtuber known as Mr. Markus, a popular fishing guru, posted footage of the incident. It didn’t take long for the clip to go viral.

Have a look:

The video captures the angler bringing the meaty shrimp into the boat. It doesn’t look like much but after the shrimp squirms and jumps, it apparently punches through the man’s boot. The action is so quick, you’ll almost miss it. But it’s followed by a grunt of pain from the fisherman.

The Punching Blow

“He just punched through my boot!” the man is heard saying. After taking off his shoe (which he says is brand new and only the second time he’s put it on) he reveals a decent-looking hole in the footwear. Then the angler exposes his foot. A nasty looking hole is left there as blood comes rushing out. It’s a pretty good reminder that we’re still vulnerable to nature. No matter how small or non-threatening it may appear.

Mantis shrimp are actually really beautiful, albeit strange, looking creatures. What’s more is that the creatures actually aren’t shrimp at all. However, they are related to lobster, crab and shrimp. The unusual species can actually deliver a 50 mile per hour punch, shooting out faster than a .22 caliber gun.

Additionally, their quick use of force is how they push through the shells of their prey or when they feel threatened.

While there are more than 500 different species of these stomatopods, they can range in size from an inch to over a foot. Talk about creepy!

Recall of Shrimp Issued by FDA

While you don’t have to worry about getting sucker-punched by your frozen shrimp, earlier this summer the Food and Drug Administration did announce a recall on massive amounts of the favorite food.

The FDA recalled shrimp from a variety of packages which were sold between November 2020 and May 2021. Grocery stores where the shrimp came from included Whole Foods 365 products as well as Meijer and Food Lion brands.

The recall stated:

“This recall expansion has been initiated out of an abundance of precaution and will cover a large amount of product that has not been associated with any illness but been undertaken following discussions with FDA and CDC and reflect Avanti’s commitment to Public health and safety.”

Because of a salmonella outbreak, it’s best to toss out anything between those dates, officials said.

Original Article: https://outsider.com/outdoors/monster-mantis-shrimp-strikes-fishermans-boot-draws-blood-brutal-video/