John Stamos is “all good” after appearing to spend some time in the hospital. 

The Full House alum shared a series of photos on his Instagram Friday showing him wearing a hospital gown and a cap over his hair. He also posted pictures of his hand with a bandage on the palm. 

In the caption, the actor assured his followers that he is now “home happy” after the apparent hospital stay. He also mentioned trigger finger, a condition “in which one of your fingers gets stuck in a bent position,” per the Mayo Clinic. A trigger finger can bend or straighten with a snap, like a trigger being pulled and released.

“Damn you #Triggerfinger !” Stamos wrote. “Easypeasey #AllgoodHomeHappy”

John Stamos

Credit: John Stamos/Instagram

Earlier this month, Stamos opened up to PEOPLE about how his family — wife Caitlin McHugh Stamos and 3-year-old son Billy — have made his “dreams come true.”

“I always wanted to have kids, but I didn’t think I’d meet the right person,” Stamos recalled. “And maybe I felt like well, I have everything, I shouldn’t be greedy.”

Ultimately, he attributed finding Caitlin, 35, to “straightening up my life.” “I wasn’t deserving of it yet I think. But six years ago, I sobered up and I became a better person,” he said. “And when Caitlin came around, I recognized it immediately. I said, ‘I have to be good for that to make it work.'”

Stamos said what he has now “is what I always wanted.”

“My dreams came true 100 times over,” he said.

As for whether the couple will expand their family further, they said they’re hopeful. “We’ve been trying for a while now and it hasn’t been successful yet,” Caitlin said.

“Well, the first kid stops us a lot of the time!” added Stamos. And ultimately, “we’re very fortunate,” he said. “It’s all about gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.”

“Everybody tells you it goes so fast, and it’s true,” he continued. “I’d never thought about mortality before, but I want to be alive to see all of the wonderful things in my son’s life. These are the beautiful memories I’ll remember forever.”

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