Eminen’s child, who the rapper adopted in 2005 and shares with Kim Scott, has come out as non-binary in a TikTok video and asked their fans to call them Stevie.

Eminem’s child has come out as non-binary, and asked their fans to call them Stevie.

The teenager, 19, made the announcement in a TikTok video and asked people to use the pronouns they/he/she.

The rapper, 48, legally adopted Stevie, formerly known as Whitney, in 2005, after he reconciled with Stevie’s mother Kim Scott.

Stevie posted a video montage showing their transformation over the years, which was captioned “Watch me become more comfortable with myself”, and contained snaps of them cutting their hair short and trying out different styles.

They said they are “forever growing and changing” and posted the hashtags genderfluid #bi and #nonbinary.

The video was liked by Stevie’s sister Hailie Jade, who is Eminem’s biological daughter with Kim.

The teenager’s new name was referenced in their grandmother Kathleen Sluck’s obituary late last month.

It read: “Kathleen was a exceptional mom to her two daughters; Kim and Dawn; and was overjoyed to become a grandmother to her grandchildren; Alaina, Adam, Hailie, Stevie, P.J., and Parker.”

A tribute on the obituary site from one of Stevie’s friends, Brooke, also read: “I know me and Stevie drove you crazy with our endless sleepovers of you calling us telling us to stop being so loud.. Stevie posted a video montage showing their transformation over the years

“And to go to bed and our early mornings with you for our Tim Horton runs and always sitting on the back porch talking with you and listening to all your stories.”

Stevie’s dad is Kim’s ex-boyfriend Eric Hartter, whom she got together with during a break from Eminem.

Hartter, a professional tattoo artist, died last year.

Eminem adopted Stevie when he later reconciled with Kim.

The on and off couple first got married in 1999 and divorced two years later.

They reunited and got remarried in January 2006 but had broken up again by April of that year.

Eminem raised biological daughter Hallie and adopted child Stevie, as well as adopted daughter Alaina, 28, whose mother is Kim’s late twin sister Dawn, who died of a drug overdose in 2016.

Kim was allegedly rushed to hospital after being found with ‘cuts to her legs and arms’ in a suspected suicide attempt this week. Stevie said they had ‘become more comfortable with myself’

She allegedly got embroiled in a scuffle with law enforcement after police and paramedics responded to a call that there was someone wanting to take their own life at Kim’s home in Michigan, TMZ has reported.

Kim was reportedly hospitalised, where she underwent both medical and psychological evaluation.

She is now though to be back home and recovering, though it is not know whether she is having any additional help.

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