Seth MacFarlane Wants ‘Family Guy’ Off Fox Because of Tucker Carlson

“Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane is fed up with Fox about the misinformation aired on Fox News, and wishes his iconic TV series was broadcast anywhere else. 

MacFarlane, whose show is on the Fox TV network ― part of the same corporate family as Fox News ― called out the company over one of its hosts, Tucker Carlson, who has played a major role in spreading conspiracy theories about the coronavirus and the COVID-19 vaccine as well as the Jan. 6 insurrection: 

“Family Guy” has aired on Fox for all 19 seasons of the show’s history and will run for at least one more. MacFarlane’s crack about NBC referred to a $200 million deal with the rival network that he reached last year. 

As Deadline reported, MacFarlane has shared his uneasiness with the studio’s corporate relationship to Fox News before. Last year, he spoke out about host Laura Ingraham. 

“I really cannot fathom that we produce content for the same corporation,” he wrote at the time

In recent years, Carlson’s show has featured increasingly extremist rhetoric. In addition to airing conspiracy theories about the Jan. 6 insurrection, the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 vaccines, he’s also railed against immigrants, and both he and his guests have disseminated white nationalist talking points.

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  1. It is not conspiracy theories that Tucker talks about. It is TRUTH! And Fox had better not make him leave or even get after him. I am so upset that no one on Fox even talks about the dangers of the Covid vaccine. ( shot is a better word) It’s talked about as though everyone should get the shot, and it is KILLING and TERRIBLY DAMAGING thousands of people. God will hold the people of Fox accountable some day. That is the most misleading thing I have ever heard on Fox. If they make Tucker leave, I’m leaving too. And so will a lot of other people I know.

  2. Why do the liberals think they should make all the decisions for the whole world? They must think they are the supreme race. They would itadicate anyone with a different thought or opinion than theirs.

  3. Good I’m a Carlson fan and I’m happen he is letting the truth and facts Beantown. I support all commentary and have now gotten hundreds of my friends family and colleagues to watch his segments. His show and monolog has taken off like wildfire and he has big following. 90 million people watch his show, and fox does not want to lose the revenue and cash cow his show generates..

  4. Why would anyone be concerned that “Family Guy” would leave Fox. It is ,after all, a ‘low-brow’ vulgar cartoon with no redeeming value. I SAY DUMP IT in the trash bin where it should have a permanent home!

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