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Matt Damon Just Stopped Using the ‘F-Slur for Homosexual’ Thanks to His Daughter

Matt Damon revealed that he only recently stopped using what he calls “the f-slur for homosexual” people at the behest of one of his daughters.  The “Stillwater” actor sat down for an interview with The Sunday Times where he discussed changes… Continue Reading →

Democrats are on the verge of repeating a historic blunder

There comes a point in every awful horror movie where a character does something so careless and shortsighted a viewer loses faith in the storyteller. There’s the hapless victim who can’t flee from the monster without falling, the stubborn homeowner… Continue Reading →

Cori Bush Blasts Some Democrats for Vacationing Rather Than Extending Evictions Moratorium

Representative Cori Bush, a Democrat, criticized members of her own party for breaking for a recess before moving to extend a federal moratorium on evictions. “The eviction moratorium expires tonight at midnight. We could have extended it yesterday, but some Democrats… Continue Reading →

Whistleblowers: We were told to downplay Covid spread at kids shelter

Two more whistleblowers have come forward to allege that children were mistreated by contractors and senior federal employee managers at a Department Health and Human Services migrant shelter in Fort Bliss, Texas, earlier this year, and also say HHS told… Continue Reading →

Outrage Grows After Deputies Beat Native American Man, Kill His Dog

Last Saturday around 2 a.m., a pair of deputies in a tiny California city responded to a report of domestic violence at an apartment complex. But instead of finding the 911 caller or their alleged suspect, the cops tased, pepper-sprayed… Continue Reading →

Pink Offered To Pay The Fines For The Norway Women’s Beach Handball Team After They Broke “Sexist” Uniform Rules

American popstar Pink has offered to pay a fine for the Norwegian beach handball team after they broke rules by wearing shorts during last weekend’s European Championships. Norway had asked to wear shorts rather than the conventional bikini bottoms for… Continue Reading →

Tennessee votes to remove Confederate bust from Capitol

A decadeslong effort to remove a bust of a Confederate general and early Ku Klux Klan leader from the Tennessee Capitol cleared its final hurdle Thursday, with state leaders approving the final vote needed to allow the statue to be… Continue Reading →

Gay Couple on Vacation Brutally Attacked As Crowd Watched & Jeered

Two gay men vacationing on the French island of Corsica were brutally attacked by group of up to 20 men while a large crowd gathered and watched but did nothing to stop the brutal assault. The two men, identified only… Continue Reading →

BLM Leader Stands by Calling American Flag a Symbol of Hate

Lex Scott, the leader of Black Lives Matter Utah, said on Thursday she stands by an earlier statement that called the American flag a “symbol of hatred.” Scott first received backlash for a statement she posted on July 4 on the Facebook page for Black… Continue Reading →

Ukrainian Military Cadets Forced to March in Heels

Ukraine’s defense minister is under pressure from members of the government over the decision to have female military cadets wear pumps with heels in the important parade celebrating Ukraine’s break from the Soviets, the country’s current military muscle. “The purpose… Continue Reading →

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