Baby Crawls on Stage at Concert in Shocking Video

A baby crawled its way on stage during an NMIXX show Tuesday in Seattle, Wash.

Kyujin, a member of the South Korean girl group currently touring the US, seemed to be in shock as she rushed to pick up the crawling baby who got away from its parent.

In a viral video on Twitter, one concertgoer in the crowd captured the moment someone yelled, “Hello, the baby!” as the K-pop musician, 16, handed the little one back to its mom.


The attendee also explained via Twitter that the baby had been “in their stroller to the side next to security with noise canceling headphones” on and had been sleeping for most of the show.

“by the end of the concert, the baby had woken up and their mama had to hold them for a bit until the girls started interacting,” the fan shared.

“Everyone was fighting to get to the front it was literally just insane I cannot,” the shocked fan added.

Another Twitter user posted a video of Kyujin playing with the baby and then holding her hands up in a motion to keep the infant from coming back on stage. It is unclear if this was before or after its notable getaway attempt.

Twitter users are slamming the parent for bringing the baby to the seemingly chaotic event.

“Joking aside thats horrible parenting who tf brings a baby to a concert and lets it go on a stage like that not funny at all,” one user wrote.

Another critic called the incident “extremely bad parenting,” noting that the child could have “been trampled or fallen down.”

On the other hand, others thought that the baby seemed to have a great time.

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  1. That was STUPID of the Parents. There so much that can wrong at a live concert event. And the baby didn’t just CRAWL up there. He was put up there.

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