Woman Kills Boyfriends Daughter, Then Brings Body to Mother (VIDEO)

Tragedy struck in Harahan, Louisiana when 6-year-old Bella Fontenelle was found dead in a large bucket outside her mother’s house. Authorities have arrested and charged Hannah Landon, the girlfriend of Bella’s father, with first-degree murder and obstruction of justice in connection with the girl’s death.

Landon is alleged to have murdered Bella before stuffing her body into a plastic bucket and leaving it outside the girl’s mother’s house.

The investigation into Bella’s disappearance began on Wednesday morning when her father noticed that both Bella and Landon were missing from their home.

About an hour later, Bella’s body was discovered in a large bucket outside her mother’s house. It is unclear who made the grim discovery, but surveillance footage obtained during the investigation allegedly captured Landon dragging a wagon containing a 10-gallon chlorine bucket the night before.

According to authorities, Landon is believed to have killed Bella before placing her body in the bucket and transporting it to the front lawn of the girl’s mother less than two blocks away. A motive for the killing has not been released, and Bella’s cause of death is being withheld for investigative purposes. However, Jefferson Parish Coroner Dr. Gerry Cvitanovich reports that the girl’s body exhibited “multiple injuries.”

Bella’s father has been ruled out as a suspect, and authorities say he went through extensive interviews. Sheriff Joe Lopinto said, “we don’t believe he was involved in the murder by any means,” adding that both Bella’s father and mother are extremely upset, as anyone would expect.

Landon turned herself in to Harahan police just after midnight on Wednesday, and she was taken to a hospital before being taken into custody. She has been ordered held without bond, and it is unclear if she has entered a plea or retained an attorney to comment on her behalf.

This tragic incident has shocked the community of Harahan, Louisiana, and beyond. The loss of a young life is always heartbreaking, and the details of this case only compound the tragedy. Our thoughts go out to Bella’s family and loved ones during this difficult time.

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