Unexploded Bomb Found on Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx Movie’s Set Ahead of Actor’s Health Scare

Filming for Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz’s new movie together continues to hit bumps on the way to production. According to The Sun, the film is meant to be Diaz’s big return to the screen, but has run into some bad luck with Foxx’s health issues and now a live bomb being discovered on the set.

According to The Sun, the film still has a pair of stunts to film, with one that is supposed to have an explosion rigged to go off during an action scene. But while preparing for the stunt, the production discovered a live explosive from World War II under the water.

“The production expected the scene to go off with a bang – but nobody could have predicted it would all be derailed by a bomb. The stunt was booked to take place last month at the dock. A 24-meter barrier was being erected into the river, where the explosion would take place,” a source explained to the outlet. “But it was during the building of the set that they believed they found what they thought to be an unexploded bomb in the water.

“Safety was the main priority, so after speaking with the police and relevant authorities the whole thing was cancelled,” the source continued. “Naturally, that part of the river is never normally disturbed, so it’s been left as it is.”

It isn’t a major surprise that unexploded bombs from World War I and II are in the waters around the country. As The Sun notes, there are about 100,000 tons of exploded ordinance in the U.K. waters.

The cancellation was reportedly a big detriment to the production, with the shoot forced to move both stunts to green screens. “The cancellation was a massive blow to the film, which has already experienced a few issues,” the source says. “It cost a huge amount of money and was a massive headache for everyone involved.

The film, Back in Action is Diaz’s comeback film after her last film in 2014, the adaptation of Annie on the big screen. She shared the screen with Foxx on that film, with the pair first collaborating on Any Given Sunday by Oliver Stone.

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