Officials have stated that they will be requesting the assistance of local officials who manage the coast to retrieve and remove an object found on a beach in Japan.

This is not a scene from a science fiction movie like “Planet of the Apes,” “Cloverfield,” or “Godzilla,” but rather a real-life mystery that has left experts scratching their heads.

According to reports, a five-foot-diameter sphere has washed up on a beach in Japan and has been nicknamed the “Godzilla Egg” or “Dragon Ball” after a popular anime series.

Insider has reported that the sphere may be a buoy, but this has not been confirmed. Images of the object have gone viral since it was discovered on Saturday just 115 miles outside of Tokyo.

The state media, NHK, has broadcasted the images of the object, adding to the buzz surrounding it.

A person walking on the beach of Hamamatsu alerted the police on Saturday, leading to an inspection of the object.

However, one local man informed NHK that the ball had been sitting on the beach for over a month. It’s unclear what this object is, but it’s certainly a strange and fascinating discovery.

The beach was closed and inspectors wearing bomb protective gear went to examine it, according to the New York Post.

Officials believe the sphere to be made of iron as it has a coating of rust, the New York Post reported.

An X-ray later determined the object was hollow and there was no danger of explosion, according to Fuji News Network.

Authorities have said they will ask local officials responsible for coastal management to collect the object and remove it from the beach.