Jessica Simpson was Tricked into Affair with ‘Massive Movie Star’

Jessica Simpson reveals she was once unwittingly having an affair with a “massive movie star.” The singer-turned-entrepreneur claims she was tricked into developing a secret relationship with a man, who claimed he was single, when she was younger.

In an essay for Amazon titled “Movie Star: They Always Say They’re Single” which was released on Wednesday, February 1, Jessica recalled meeting her “teenage fantasy” while walking the red carpet at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards, when she was on a break with her then-boyfriend Nick Lachey. She said she felt like she was going to “swoon” when he hugged her. She wrote that the actor, who she “grew up thinking was so hot, eyeballed her up and down.”

“The Dukes of Hazzard” star got his number but didn’t call. She then ran into the movie star again at a gym that weekend and almost cast him as the “lead guy” in her new music video, but the shoot didn’t work.

Jessica married Nick in 2002, but they divorced in 2006. She later met up with the older heartthrob again and shared a smooch with the A-lister at the Beverly Hills hotel ahead of an awards show. “I felt this warm rush all the way down my body, to the tips of my toes in my wedges,” she wrote.

During the awards show, she said she felt “special” because he was texting her the entire time, but then saw a photo of him with his girlfriend at the event shortly afterwards. “I was never ever in a million years going to be the other woman,” she said.

The man called her telling her it was “completely over” with his girlfriend and they were only seen together to avoid break-up press. He tried to convince her that she was the “only girl” he wanted to be with.

Jessica initially avoided him because she didn’t want to “even appear close to being a home-wrecker,” but then they began hanging out together, during which they were mostly only talking and kissing “sometimes.”

She also joined him on the set when he was filming a movie in New York. That’s when she began to feel “like a call girl” who was only there “to have sex” with the celeb. She recalled having to take the “fire stairs” up to her room at their hotel, while he was staying in the penthouse suite on a different floor from her.

The former “Fashion Star” judge realized he wasn’t hiding her from the press, but “this was to hide me from his chick,” she said. She insisted that they never had sex and when he left for the set the next day, she left and joined a girl friend for an impromptu NY trip. She claimed that she still had his “weeping” “Why did you leave me?” message on one of her “old, bedazzled sidekicks.”

After sharing the story, Jessica told PEOPLE, “This is a very personal story and I really thought I would never share it!” She said writing it down brought back memories of her fast track to worldwide fame. “The whole period was very surreal,” she divulged. “There were times I had a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong! But a lot of the time it felt isolating because I am someone who likes to deeply connect with people and I didn’t know who was trustworthy and who was not.”

Reflecting on her experience, the mother of three shared, “I learned you can’t always take people at their very persuasive word – seems obvious but it really isn’t when you are dealing with someone who sells it so well.” She added of another life lesson she learned, “Not betraying your own heart and diminishing your self-worth actually feels so much better than immediate gratification if living in a lie. I also learned that there is a wide range of what monogamy means in Hollywood!”

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