Trump Ignored Evacuation Order for Mar-a-Lago, Instead Attacked Ron DeSantis

Former President Donald Trump refused to evacuate Mar-a-Lago as Hurricane Nicole approached the Florida coast, and spent the day venting about the disappointment of candidates he’d backed in the midterm elections, according to reports.

The hurricane made landfall on Florida’s east coast early Thursday, after state authorities had earlier issued evacuation orders in areas that included Trump’s Palm Beach resort, which lies about a quarter of a mile from the coastline. 

An advisor to Trump told The Washington Post on Wednesday that Trump had no plans to leave as the storm approached, but that the resort would be closed. His daughter, Tiffany Trump, is scheduled to get married at Mar-a-Lago this weekend.

State officials said the hurricane, the first to hit Florida in the month of November for 40 years, would bring strong winds, rain, and dangerous surges of surf to coastal areas.

The Associated Press said that when a reporter called Wednesday to ask if the resort was being evacuated, a Mar-a-Lago security office worker hung up, and there were were no signs the order was being complied with. 

Insider has contacted a representative for Trump for comment

Trump was said to be furious on Wednesday about the failure of several of his high-profile candidates in the midterm elections.

On Truth Social he resumed his attacks on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is widely considered to be Trump’s chief GOP rival for the 2024 presidential nomination, and who won reelection in a landslide. 

“Now that the Election in Florida is over, and everything went quite well, shouldn’t it be said that in 2020, I got 1.1 Million more votes in Florida than Ron D got this year, 5.7 Million to 4.6 Million? Just asking?” Trump wrote

DeSantis on Wednesday held a press briefing, where he warned of the likely impact of the hurricane.

Nicole was downgraded to tropical storm status soon after it made landfall, battering Florida with winds and rain, and is expected to move inland through Georgia and the Carolinas over the next few days. 

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  1. Donald Trump was a good President and helped a lot of people in the US as well as maintained the US as a good neighbor in the world. I understand why he wants to run again. However, he is shooting himself in the foot. There are a lot of people who feel he isn’t a nice person and that he must stop with the criticisms of everyone, especially DeSantis. What is his problem!? If he cannot act more professional and reasonable and get rid of a bit of his ego, he may not even win the primary in 2024.

  2. I am a huge Trump supporter and probably always will, having said that, I think President should remember one simple thing, “There is NO “I” in team. You neeed to back off, you did what you could to get people elected like no other person could, not even Ron DeSantis. DeSantis is a good hard fighting Republican and the two of you don’t need to be fighting with each other, just makes fodder for the fake news. This could also be directed at members of both house and senate members. You don’t ever notice Democrats going after one another, no matter the situation they stick together. Maybe, just maybe this is one trait of theirs we should emulate. Quit fighting about 2024 and start working together.

  3. Trump for one thing ,i voted for you both times. But it is time for you to let go and retire. We need a younger President. Dont be trashing people who could be running for President. For another thing you are getting to old -RETIRE .

  4. I am a Trump supporter. We’ve NEVER had a President as good as Trump and NEVER will. I think DeSantis is an ungrateful jerk after Trump helped him he turns on Trump and stabs him in the back. DeSantis couldn’t tie Trumps shoes! I knew there was something about him that turned me off and now I know why. His vibes told me he was sneaky . DeSantis is a politician and Trump is a business man. The government IS a business! No one can EVER top Trump!! MAGA!!

  5. If the public is turning against the best president we’ve ever had then we’re ‘really in trouble!! Trump stands above every single President we’ve ever had as the BEST. He has the experience, success and knowledge how to turn this country around. His age only proves to me that he’s a seasoned, successful and knowledgeable business man and DeSantis is too young to know what to do compared to Trump. He can never compare himself to Trump. Is DeSantis in somebody’s pocket??? Are we going to turn on Trump after his proven ability to turn our country around? As for ego, I really don’t think that’s any of our business. Don’t judge him by your own standards unless you can do better!!!

  6. Hey Donald, it’s time to step down. As a ultra conservative, you have lost my vote. The way you trash people insults every American. Who in the F*ck do you think you are??? You will destroy the great Republican bench with your trashing competitors. STEP ASIDE and be a man!!! Your time has passed. Be the person BEHIND the throne going forward. But no way as President. You have too much baggage and you piss off to many people. You seem to fight with everyone and humiliate anyone you dislike just like a child.

  7. I respect DeSantis very much and think
    he has done wonders for the state of
    Florida. I think President Trump knew he
    would when he endorsed him. But, I
    do think DeSantis should hold off until
    2028 before he runs for President.
    President Trump deserves one more chance to win the Presidency since
    I think he was cheated in 2020 due to
    an illegal election. And, I do believe if
    the sky was to fall; the Liberals and
    RINOS would blame President Trump!
    You people had better remember what
    he did for this country during his 4
    years! Best President during my lifetime.

  8. The reason the dems stand up for each other is because they’re ALL in the same bed! If they cross each other, they’ll all suffer FINANCIALLY, it isn’t for any other reason!

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