Fox News anchor John Roberts questioned Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s pointed attack on the press on Election Day.

Lake tore into the media writ large during a press gaggle Tuesday after a journalist asked her if she’d serve a full term if elected amid speculation of loftier political goals in 2024.

“I’m going to be your worst fricking nightmare for eight years, and we will reform the media as well,” Lake said.

“We are going to make you guys into journalists again, so get ready. It’s gonna be a fun eight years; I can’t wait to be working with you.”

Roberts, a White House reporter at Fox during former president Trump’s time in office, took issue with Lake’s criticism of the media.

“I’m not quite sure what she was getting at there because the ripe the history of a free press — the rich history of a free press in this country is something we have embraced for many, many hundreds of years,” Roberts said during the network’s show “America Reports.”

“So I’m not quite sure how a politician goes about reforming the media.”

Lake, like Trump, has made media criticism a key piece of her political identity, sparring with anchor Bret Baier in June after he pressed her about her stance on drag queens and the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election.