In new exclusive footage obtained, a yet-to-be-released documentary captured Stone’s meltdown after learning no post-Jan.6 pardon was coming.

After Roger Stone wasn’t granted a post-Jan. 6 pardon, he grew so upset that he suggested fighting Jared Kushner, the man tapped as the point person for handling 11th-hour Trump pardons.

“Jared Kushner has an IQ of 70. He’s coming to Miami. We will eject him from Miami very quickly; he will be leaving very quickly,” Stone said, while visibly shaking in anger. “Very quickly.”

Stone continued: “He has 100 security guards. I will have 5,000 security guards. You want to fight. Let’s fight. Fuck you.” (The filmmakers remain unsure of who Stone directed this remark towards.)

“Fuck you and your abortionist bitch daughter,” he concluded, referring to Ivanka Trump, according to the filmmaker Christoffer Guldbrandsen who said there was “no doubt” who Stone was ranting about.

According to the filmmakers, the video clip was one of the few videos hand-selected by the Jan 6th Committee, but, in the end, the committee elected not to play the clip.

Neither Stone nor a Kushner spokesperson returned The Daily Beast’s request for comment.

Danish filmmaker Christoffer Guldbrandsen — part of the team that captured the moment for his upcoming documentary “A Storm Foretold” — stated that the tense scene was from inauguration day on January 20th, 2021, and recorded in Fort Lauderdale.

“Roger Stone has been holding out for a pardon till the very last minute, he had first written up a memo, earlier on, after January 6th, with a plan about encouraging Trump to pardon the lawmakers who had voted against certifying, and Roger Stone, and some of his clients,” Guldbrandsen said.

But he says towards the end of the road, Stone — who was “increasingly frustrated” — pushed for just a pardon for himself and longtime pal Bernard Kerik, the filmmaker said.

Guldbrandsen added that upon Stone learning he wouldn’t receive a pardon on inauguration day, he became “very upset.”

“Aside from Donald Trump, he also held Jared Kusher responsible as being the guy who was the point man on the pardon,” he said.

Elsewhere in the upcoming film, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (R) was caught on a hot microphone reassuring Stone that he’d be issued a pardon.

“The boss still has a very favorable view of you,” Gaetz told Stone at Trump’s National Doral golf club.

“I’ll go down hard, though. I’ll fight it right to the bitter end,” Stone pledged, to which Gaetz replied: “Yeah, but I don’t think you’re going to go down at all at the end of the day.”

While Stone has threatened to file a $25 million lawsuit against Guldbrandsen and fellow filmmaker Frederik Marbell, the duo remains not too worried about it.

“Should I be?” Guldbrandsen asked. “I think everything I have said is factually correct, and I have unequivocal documentation in the form of the footage, so I am not really concerned.”

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