Texas Man Arrested For Killing Newborn Daughter

A 29-year-old man was arrested for allegedly killing his newborn daughter in what police say is a case of “severe child abuse.”

According to a statement, on June 14 at 10 a.m., Abilene Police Department officers and detectives responded to a suspicious death at Hendrick Medical Center. They learned an infant’s mother brought her to the hospital and began investigating.

That same day, the child’s father, Raymond Medina, was arrested on an unrelated family violence warrant. Abilene Police say they kept Medina in custody while looking into his daughter’s death.

Court documents cited by KTAB/KRBC-TV report Medina was trying to get his daughter to stop crying, which he did by allegedly putting her face-down on the couch and spanking her. He reportedly covered her body with a pillow in order to “muffle her screams.”

The documents allege Medina repeatedly put the pillow over his daughter’s face five to six times and squeezed parts of her body, including her head.

The autopsy reportedly determined the 8-week-old girl suffered injuries that included “skull fractures caused by blunt force trauma, a large contusion on the head caused by multiple blunt force impacts, and broken ribs that were not consistent with CPR.”

KTAB/KRBC reports Medina was sentenced to three years of probation in April for another family violence case.

Abilene Police said Medina was booked on a first-degree felony murder charge and his bond is set at $2 million.

Original Article – https://truecrimedaily.com/2022/06/21/abilene-texas-raymond-medina-arrested-accused-killing-infant-daughter-suffocating-pillow/

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  1. “KTAB/KRBC reports Medina was sentenced to three years of probation in April for another family violence case”. This judge should be held responsible for giving this reprobate this sentence! Only when they are held accountable or if this should happen to one of their family members will real justice be rendered, WOKE-FOLK!

  2. He’s might not be guilty under reasonable of doubt. People shouldn’t keep having children when they can’t taken care of it.
    Children can causes a lot of problems from financially, emotionally and mentally. It just not so easy to raise a child nowadays.

    1. There is no excuse for abusing a child. That was a 8 WEEK OLD BABY. An innocent! A baby with no understanding or concept of someone saying “ be quiet” or “stop crying”. Who just wanted and needed comfort.

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