Matthew McConaughey is convinced he’ll be eaten by an alligator.

The ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ actor has had dreams about his demise and has “a feeling” he will lose his life “as part of the food chain”, but insisted he’d prefer to die as part of the “natural order”, rather than in a random accident or a targeted assault.

Speaking on the New York Times’ ‘Sway’ podcast, he said: “I got a feeling that I’m going down as part of the food chain.”

Host Kara Swisher said: “What do you mean? A bear eats you?”

He replied: “It was – the dream was gators.”

But Matthew admitted he’d also had a dream where he was taken out by a bear and added: “I’d much rather go down that way than getting ― getting shot down in a drive-by. You know, I’ll take one where it’s part of the natural order. There’s some grace in that.

“It may be ugly and painful and bloody, but at least it’s part of the natural order. And for that, I’ll purchase. And after I’m gone, I hope to say I partook.”

The 51-year-old star – who has three children with wife Camila Alves – recently revealed he likes to go travelling in order to get perspective on his life and reflect on his decisions.

He said: “What travel does is you bounce out and all of a sudden you get to look at it, and you get to read the legato. You get to get the big machinations of how the movements were. ‘Wait a minute, where am I in my life?’

“I’m leaving what I know to find what I maybe need to know. It’s changing the channel. It opens the aperture to a different light. You actually get objective and look back at what you did in a way that you cannot see when you’re subjectively in it hammering the road every day. So, you get a second perspective.

“Sometimes you go, ‘I did exactly what I wanted to do.’ Most times I go, ‘Eh, well what I wanted to do and what I intended to do actually is not quite what I did, but hey hopefully it’s close enough.'”

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