Pelosi Predicts ‘What’s His Name’ Would Fail in a 2024 Presidential Run

Former U.S. President Donald Trump might make another White House run in 2024, but if he does, he will take his place in American history as a two-time loser, House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi predicted on Thursday.Nancy Pelosi looking towards the camera: FILE PHOTO: U.S. House Speaker Pelosi holds her weekly news conference at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

Visiting England for a meeting of parliamentary leaders from G7 countries, the Democratic leader was asked during a forum to reflect upon the two impeachment proceedings she initiated against Trump late in 2019 and in January 2021.

Seizing an opportunity to score a political point against the man who continues to be the most powerful force in the Republican Party, Pelosi proclaimed, “I don’t ever talk about him.”

However, she continued to talk about Trump, though not by name.

“I reference him from time to time as ‘What’s His Name,'” Pelosi said, quickly adding: “If he wants to run again, he’ll be the first president who was impeached twice and defeated twice.”

Her remarks were met with loud applause from the largely British audience.

Throughout Trump’s four years in the White House, Pelosi tangled with the president over immigration policy, infrastructure investments, the pandemic response and a wide range of other domestic and foreign issues.

She gained a reputation of being eager to skewer the hard-hitting Trump and became one of the biggest thorns in his side as she initiated not one, but two impeachment proceedings against him.

The Republican-controlled Senate acquitted Trump both times.

The former president is already playing a role in the 2022 midterm elections for Congress by recruiting challengers to Republican lawmakers he has tangled with. And Trump has dropped numerous hints he might seek the presidency for a third time in 2024.

“I say to my Republican friends, and I do have some, ‘Take back your party,'” Pelosi said. “You have now been hijacked by a cult that is just not good for our country.”

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10 thoughts on “Pelosi Predicts ‘What’s His Name’ Would Fail in a 2024 Presidential Run

  1. Nancy Pelosi is a low life with no class. How dare her insult our country (she thinks it’s her country) in front of foreign governments. This women is a dictator who controls the purse strings of the Democratic Party. That’s why these elected legislatures are afraid of her. You don’t bow to her wishes you get no funding or support for your reelection. It’s really that simple. So sell your soul Congressman and Congresswomen along with your Senator colleagues.

    1. I agree ! I can only say I come from a socialist-communist country.I can tell evil when I see it.
      America please please wake up you will find out what living in hell means if this Government takes over completely.We will lose everything ,and I mean everything.

  2. Who’s Cult ? Under Commie Democrats rule for almost 30 yrs going for Communists Socialism policy forward into today’s America dangerously in the crisis we’re face now all bunches enemies surrounding us we can’t allow to have deteriorated mind used Democracy turns wildly becoming pro-Terrorists pro-Communism mindset that House Speaker aim not the one can represent G-7 for US an evils disease spearheading the worlds that unfaithfulness woman do on the earth held hostage for this country’s poorer rigged through everyone’s in jeopardy all she said is lies after lies manipulated change for her conflicts of interest only keep herself rich dump others to dictate that exactly what Communists counterparts wants we’ll voted her out of Congress served her witchcraft hypocrisy sentencing accordingly as real cult culture in the United States !

  3. She thinks it is an honor for her to have impeached President Trump twice, but has failed???
    Exactly the opposite. It shows how evil she is and probably doesn’t know what “impeach” means, that’s why she failed twice. Too embarrassing!!!

  4. Pelosi is a miserable old hag, I think her family might be the only ones that like her. Pelosi has done so much damage to this country she should be in prison.

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