Lindell-apalooza melts down: MyPillow guy claims antifa sabotaged his “cyber symposium”

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, on the final day of his “cyber symposium,” remained unable to produce any tangible evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election. He attempted to deflect blame for his failed event onto supposed antifa activists — or, actually, “antifa things” — who were nowhere to be seen in this Great Plains city of 177,000 residents. 

The pillow tycoon, alongside self-proclaimed “information warfare” specialist Col. Phil Waldron, took to the main stage early Thursday to decry the invisible opposition force he claims has hijacked this event, which he has promised for months would offer “absolute proof” that the election was stolen from Donald Trump. 

“We’ve got antifa things, or people that have infiltrated, they’re telling me this morning,” Lindell said. “I just want everyone to know all the evil that’s out there. I’m OK. It hurts a little bit.”

Well, it was only a matter of time before Mike Lindell just straight up blamed “antifa” for his symposium crashing and burning.— Justin Baragona (@justinbaragona) August 12, 2021

“This is where our country’s gone,” Lindell continued. “You take away the free speech. So they go after me. And they’re going, ‘Well, we try and crush his company and take everything from him.’ And then they go after [me] physically.”

It’s not clear in what sense Lindell believes he has been deprived of free speech, which he continues to exercise vigorously. He went on to say he now has a team of bodyguards protecting him, claiming that he was “attacked” late on Wednesday night outside his Sioux Falls hotel. He did not provide details, and so far the alleged incident has not been independently verified.

“Now I’ve got to go around with a bodyguard,” Lindell said. “And I don’t like bodyguards. I like to have American freedom to drive around, to do what I want, to not worry, to be able to take pictures with people.”

Mike Lindell not only claims that he was “attacked” outside of his hotel, but a staffer adds that “really radical folks outside [are] trying to penetrate,” despite a street preacher being the only person outside.— Zachary Petrizzo (@ZTPetrizzo) August 12, 2021

The purported presence of antifa has been the subject of many rumors among organizers and attendees of Lindell’s “cyber symposium,” although no such radical infiltrators have been visible at any point. A security guard at the Lindell event, asked by Salon on Tuesday afternoon about the abundance of security checkpoints, said there was concern over “guns” and “antifa” making it into the gathering.  

On Thursday morning, Waldron claimed that “really radical folks outside [are] trying to penetrate” the event. No anti-fascist activists were visible outside the auditorium unless one counts the three people singing gospel numbers. 

Instead of “antifa” being outside, merely three people were preaching deep in singing gospel songs. 

With Mike Lindell’s organizers claiming that “antifia” is trying to infiltrate their event, I decided to go outside, and all I saw in the parking lot were people preaching and deep in song.— Zachary Petrizzo (@ZTPetrizzo) August 12, 2021

On Wednesday night, the Washington Times reported that Josh Merritt, one of Lindell’s supposed election fraud experts, described Lindell’s data as a “turd” that the cyber team was asked to polish “into a diamond.” As of Thursday afternoon, Lindell had not released the “packet captures” (PCAPs) from the 2020 election that he had long promised, or any other hard data to support his claims of systematic fraud.

Day 3 of the cyber symposium begins with an announcement that there was a “threat to the data streams.” Lindell insinuates that Antifa may be behind the “attacks.” He also has more advice for journalists: “you need to report the truth.”— Khaya Himmelman (@KhayaHimmelman) August 12, 2021

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10 thoughts on “Lindell-apalooza melts down: MyPillow guy claims antifa sabotaged his “cyber symposium”

  1. I saw Mike Lindell’s meetngs, and thought he offered a huge amount of proof. Stop trying to lie to the public about it. Anybody who knows anything at all knows all he says is absolute truth. If you call him, a good Christian man, a liar, then you are the spawn of Satan and there’s no truth in you and you will burn in Hell. Shame on you for attacking this wonderful man putting out his time and money to show true Americans the truth. Stop your lies…..Get thee behind me Satan for thou shalt worship the Lord your God, and Him only shalt thy serve. Satan, your father, is the father of all lies. People are known for their words. You will have to live with tryiing to deceive true Americans.

  2. Lindell has been and continues to be obsessed with his (and Trump’s) completely unproved and totally incorrect thesis that the 2020 election was beset with fraud and that was why Trump lost. Trump’s own cyber security chief and his own attorney general (Barr) both publicly and emphatically found no widespread fraud of any kind. Yet both Lindell and Trump continue to pursue this absolutely untrue story (the Big Lie). Over 50 court cases including several presented to the US Supreme Court were completely devoid of ANY evidence of any kind of such election fraud. It is time that Lindell either formally present his so-called potent evidence or forever hold his peace. It is totally unpatriotic to protest that a fair democratic election is false without presenting an single shred of tangible evidence to the contrary. That continued support of the “the Big Lie” undermines our democracy

  3. So this is what happens when you smoke crack. The man truly has lost his marbles.
    But, seriously, we have our own home-grown Taliban right here in America. They call themselves ” evangelical christians “, which is equivalent to the Taliban calling themselves ” muslims”.
    And instead of Sharia law, they want to use a perverted interpretation of the bible. You know, the same people that brought us the Inquisition.
    It’s all just so very sad!

  4. you all need to find god you have left because liars have no part in heaven that is in the bible go look it up and you all need to repent shame on you all

  5. Three days of factual information from computer “geeks” who were and are able to track just what was happening with computerized vote tallies. So many who are willing to lie and cheat and do anything for money and power. Ridiculous law suits! We have a government that has completely betrayed us. Donald Trump is not a perfect man, but we elected him President anyway. To the chagrin of the Left, he was pretty straight and talked to us daily about current issues/challenges. (Turns out the peeing problem — Russia, Russia, Russia! — belonged to our current president’s son, Hunter. He “lost” 3 laptop computers with lots of personal “stuff” on them.) The media hides or lies about the truth. Trump has good intuition, but he was surrounded by people he shouldn’t have trusted. Like Bill Barr! Who knew?! Deep State. Rinos who help the Left destroy our country . . . from within. The Left has opened our southern border to the point we’re overrun by who-knows-who from 54 countries? Million since January. Most of the children and women have been sexually abused on their journey here. It’s 110 on the border. Something like 20% are infected with COVID. Packed in such close quarters you’d think it was Germany in the 40’s. Under the leadership of our last president, we had NOTHING like the disaster we have now. Christians continue to pray for humanity. Joe Biden lost bigly, but got away with it as he predicted from his home cellar he would. Will freedom ring again? Only if we the people are willing to stand up to bullies and demand our freedoms!

  6. Sorry, but liar, liar, pants on fire doesn’t work past the third grade. We lost! Let’s deal with it and move forward. The My Pillow guy has pillow stuffing in his head. You can be a good Christian and still be a fricken fruit-cake. He’s definitely proved that. Where’s the proof of “enough” voter fraud to have stolen the election? Answer?: only in his mind! Antifa stole my evidence? If you believe that, you’re as nutty as he is. I’ll type slowly so you can understand this. WE LOST!

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