While most are scoffing at the idea of voter fraud… Democrat led NYC has just discovered a massive mistake in its mayoral race!

Democrats in New York City are still waiting to find out who their nominee for mayor will be. On Tuesday evening, Eric Adams appeared to secure the nomination after running on a platform centered around supporting the New York Police Department.

However, after results from the ranked voting system were tabulated, the city’s election board announced there had been a discrepancy in the elimination round of tabulation. When tallying initially concluded, Adams had secured 51.1 percent of the vote, with Kathryn Garcia coming in a distant second, while all other candidates had been eliminated.

An update a few hours later showed Adams’ lead shrank before all tabulation data was deleted. The board of elections later admitted that 135 thousand test ballots were still in the system, saying “the board apologizes for the error and has taken immediate measures to ensure the most accurate up-to-date results are reported.”

135 THOUSAND “fake” ballots were counted in Adams’s favor? Does that sound familiar?

The error marked the latest in a series of screw-ups that have plagued recent elections in the city.

But the corrected count is far from complete, with more than 125,000 mail-in absentee ballots that arrived ahead of Tuesday’s deadline still being counted.

Both Adams and Garcia’s campaigns released statements in the wake of the mix-up, saying the candidates are both staying optimistic about their chances after the corrections are made.

In addition to the ranked voting hiccup, the board of elections still has to count the more than 125 thousand absentee ballots that have come in. 

In a statement, Garcia said, “With more than 120,000 absentee ballots left to count – in addition to provisional ballots and potential recanvassing of results – this election is still wide open.”

This means GOP nominee Curtis Sliwa will likely have to wait until a mid-next week to know who he’ll be facing off against in the general election.

However, according to him, he’s ready for the fight whenever it comes. “I was out there with the Guardian Angels battling to protect property, to protect product and people. All throughout midtown Manhattan in Chelsea and down in Soho,” said Sliwa on the various riots that had taken place.

“I ended up getting a broken jaw. Many of the Guardian Angels were seriously injured. I know how to take on the shooters and looters and the enemies of society.”

The final results are of the Democratic primary are scheduled to be released on July 6.

The general election is set to take place on Nov. 3.