‘American Pickers’ Star Bob Petersen Dies

Mentors mean a lot in people’s lives and for American Pickers host Mike Wolfe, Bob Petersen was one of those guys. Wolfe went on his Instagram account and offered some kind words about Petersen, who died recently. “A few days ago we lost a man that we looked to as a mentor,” Wolfe wrote.

“Not just with mechanical things but in how we should live our lives. Bob was an example to us as someone that loved life and seized each day with so much passion. Always there to help with such conviction and of course humor. He was from an era that we can only romanticize about now. My life and so many others lives were better with him in it… He will be greatly missed. I love you my friend.” Wolfe shares this collection of clips from American Pickers featuring Petersen in them. Let’s take a look and remember Bob from the good times.

‘American Pickers’ Fans Offer Their Condolences

One fan wrote in the comments section of Wolfe’s post, “what an awesome personality. Loved it when he was in an episode!!!!” This person said, “Loved his laugh. He will be missed”. And this fan wrote, “Sorry for your loss. Loved watching episodes with him on. Please consider a tribute show, of all Mr. Petersen appearances”. That would be a solid idea because the show always needs fresh ideas for episodes. Of course, we all love to see Mike, Robbie Wolfe, his brother, and Danielle Colby out looking for antiques and collectibles. Still, with Bob’s death, it might be a good idea to offer some sort of reflection on the show of his time there.

Maybe one thing that American Pickers can look to do is offer a brief remembrance of Petersen. Whatever the show decides to do, we can expect that it will be classy. Wolfe apparently really has a lot of love and respect for this man. The show will likely honor him in some way.

While Mike and his show deal with Petersen’s death, another cast member is on the shelf for a bit. Some news was released by Colby about a recent surgical procedure. She said that she would be out for a bit. But knowing Colby, she would be back at work as soon as possible. It appears that, according to her, she will be missing some other dates around her burlesque show appearances.

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