10 thoughts on “Viewers Melt Down After Fox News ‘Disaster’ Interview with Jen Psaki

  1. I understand that they had to promise not to confuse ole Circle Back Jen with anything harder than a third grader could answer to get her on the show, but leading a question with the answer to same??! A little bit over the top for me. Dana and Bill, you are both much better than this!!

  2. Psaki is as anti-American as you can get. She cannot salvage the dunce in office and covering for the haughty twit is bad news.

  3. Given as humorous, off the mark, and uninformed, self absorbed, ultra-conservative, foam-at-the-mouth, knee-jerk reactionary as Jake and JC’s “comments” were, the most interesting point is not their comments at all. It is the time stamp. Their comments come from 5 hours into the future. OR, they originated in Western Europe, which is 5 hours ahead of the East Coast of the U.S.A. Looks like NextGen, Jake and JC are external agents just trying to stir up trouble for profit. I am apparently not the low brow “I’ll believe anything I read” consumer NextGen is looking for. Lucky me. Now, ditch your phony Florida Address and go back Belarus, Kazikstan, or wherever you are actually originating from! Real Americans read NextGen for the off the mark, humorous, misinformation that it is. Jake and JC can go back to the QAnon Qloset and sit in the dark with the other mushrooms.

  4. It was likely pre arranged and scripted, as Psaki would not be up for a free-for-all! No such thing as a fair and open interview when you are covering the lies and crimes of your boss.

  5. People need to stop watching FOX they’re terrible. I quit during the 2020 election and have never looked back, watch Newsmax or OAN.

  6. Dana does not do great interviews. She always has to outsmart her guests. She was wagging her finger at Hemmer the other day. Of course she had to correct him. She also has to win every contest (like Tucker a couple of nights ago) I’ll bet she’s the least liked person to work with. I think she’s studying sports so she can be the “go to” person. She thinks she’s clever and funny. She is neither. She should just leave sports alone. First off, she’s knowledgeable about the subject and I’m sure no one cares what she thinks about sports. Fox is a mess.

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