3 thoughts on “US Subpoenaed Left-Wing Reporter’s Phone Records

  1. None of this would happen if the people would obey the laws, when they are illegal to bad, deport, lock up do what ever they are responsible for their kids not me are any other person. Break the law pay the price.

  2. So a Leftist broke the law – for the umpteenth time – and now they’re crying as usual! BOO-HOO, WHAA, WHAA! They have no problem breaking the law and yet they cry when they are caught and must be held responsible, give me a break! “Killary”, “Shifty-$HIT”, “Fairy Obaa-baa-ma” should all be behind bars so quit your ef’n crying and sniveling Lefties! You stole the election and have gotten away with it! “Trump the Chump” should have never stepped down; now look where the country is at: a “THIRD WORLD $HIT-HOLE” by design! You are getting what you deserve WOKE-FOLK!

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